The thing about Rofellos is that he was banned for awhile and then was unbanned on the basis that having him as your general forces you into monogreen and despite the ramp, the spells you are playing just aren't as devastating as the spells the other colors are playing. gives you more mana overall, but color is extremely important. , but it's not like there is a lack of board wipes in this format at all! Discord Server | Sorry, went back a re-read it. "More ways of doing something" is almost the definition of consistency, especially for Commander. + All we can do as deckbuilders is design our decks to give us the most favorable chances and to still operate well enough when we don't get those chances. My ability to sympathize with players who enjoy to play games that travel down these routes makes it all that much harder to understand the difference between banning and not banning certain cards. @Epochalyptik: not offended. The power level is there, but you don't have to build around it like Kinnan or Selvala or (to a lesser extent) Uro. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. as to the first question, i think the current banlist is ok. i think there are definitely more cards that should be on it, if they're going to have one. due to the rules committee doing away with the "banned as commander" specification, there is no way for rofellos to be unbanned without being available to be a commander. Green is already the second best color in EDH with or without Rofellos, so banning him doesn't hinder green at all- it just hinders that one deck. Oh I know that he is very stupid over powerd. it's very hard to do, Even if it is, just ignore the "official" ban list - that's what our group does and it works great. That just spells bad JuJu! became the focus of most games once it was cast or Bribery There's a distinct difference between what we wish for and what should be, but I suppose you can wish if you like. was starting to go down the same road, replacing the ability to tutor any utility land for the terrastodon effect. Plus, there are five colored Mox gems, so multicolored decks can have some stupid power available as soon as the game starts. some people play 1v1, some play multiplayer, some want to cast the biggest dumbest spells, some hate getting spells countered, some play Armageddon And he has flying? While Rofellos doesn't provide gas like Selvala, that 1 mana difference means a lot. This site © 2020, LLC I don't think I'm representative of the majority of the playerbase by any means. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. And let's not forget that he's a monster with Prismatic Omen. Probably. , and Mana Vault why have a baseline of banned cards at all if one player can arbitrarily have 2 extra mana every turn of the game just by the chance of drawing it in their opening hand? Primeval Titan I could see the game devolving easily into "can I kill/steal his Rofellos before it goes infinite?". and the Cradle isn't even close to being banned. You're looking at it as a numbers game and you're seeing 1/99 and small numbers like it, but the reality is that the availability of tutors and redundant effects makes a number of things quite possible quite often. This guy could easily warp gameplay, especially with rule 4 out of the question. Things that seem powerful (but manageable) like Primeval Titan Also I personally would love Recurring Nightmare especially when all of these mana rocks are banned in duel commander lists as well. which seems like a bad reason for the spirit of the format. It was the most chaotic balls to wall pull your hair out game of magic I ever played. Granted, they do some of the same things, but the fact that Sol Ring . I think it is purely due to the massive ramp this guy can provide. so maybe I'm just not able to see the full picture because I've never been in such a situation myself to be able to pull off some nasty shit before anyone else can. At least in 1v1, which is what I'm mostly concerned with, it's more of a mana-denial/1-card-combo kind of deck, that usually needs to resolve only 1 major spell to effectively win the game. If you're talking about aggro Rofellos decks, we're on completely different pages here. I am not saying it's not a good card, obviously, just keep in mind that the average number of turns a card spends on the board in tiny leaders is smaller than it is in Commander. No, he should not be unbanned. And yes, I have seen someone use him in a deck (back when he was only banned as a commander) and was dropped second turn and it became a game of let see who can remove the Rofellos. Those kinds of threads are best left to the forums. Rofellos found himself well-liked among the Weatherlight hands, but also kept himself guarded, never revealing how he had come to study under Multani or why he never returned to his homeland. I think it's definitely on the radar now. That must mean he's really op." Now, should he be unbanned? Considering the least oppressive card on the list is Worldfire that bad in edh? is Painter's Servant DMCA requests | the reason i don't agree with calling it a banlist is that the format is very loosely structured by design. , Sylvan Primordial i don't play competitive commander myself, but that is very hard to believe. Below is a list of all banned cards in the Commander format. He is legitimately broken. He essentially doubles your mana for free. Sure it can make all your creatures protected from everything with Akroma's Memorial Help | Magic, no matter what format, is based partially on chance. It's already possible to just Burgeoning into a Tooth and Nail or just cast Ad Nauseam or Hermit Druid. Terms of Use | Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think its that broken.... @canterlotguardian: I suppose I can't blame you if you only play with those cards. Turn three:- Rampaging Baloths- Steel Hellkite- Vigor- Caged Sun- Garruk, Caller of Beasts- Lurking Predators- Mana Reflection- Wurmcoil Engine, Turn four:- Karn Liberated- Ugin, the Spirit Dragon- Terastodon- Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger- Liege of the Tangle, (Not to mention he goes infinite with Staff of Domination, Sword of the Paruns, and Umbral Mantle. to me it makes more sense to call it a "strongly discouraged" list, as people can ban or unban whatever they feel like in their own playgroup. The issue with Rofellos is that having him in the command zone means you will almost always be making the jump from 2 to 6 mana. Want some examples? Because he'd have more of an impact in EDH than he would in Legacy? Not playing powerful cards is stupid. he definitely is too strong to be unbanned. Or a Blightsteel Colossus with greaves. That's why it was played. But that's my whole point. Privacy statement | It's mostly because the ramp he grants is insane is the reason he was banned. isn't free, and it doesn't produce colored mana. Having a draw with Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary in it is not that different than having a draw with Gaea's Cradle in it, after all. And being on the RL has nothing to do with them being banned. exist, but my point still stands. . individual stores or tournament organizers can then use the list as a starting point, and ban or unban cards for the specific event they plan to run.

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