[32], Aniline is toxic by inhalation of the vapour, ingestion, or percutaneous absorption. These polymers exhibit rich redox and acid-base properties. Product name : Aniline Hydrochloride CAS-No. 0000200128 00000 n 0000125266 00000 n 0000289009 00000 n 0000202630 00000 n 0000299672 00000 n Nouvelle méthode de formation des bases organiques artificielles de Zinin", "Proceedings of Chemical Societies: Chemical Society, Thursday, May 16, 1861. 0000325978 00000 n J Natl Cancer Inst. 0000214839 00000 n 0000316912 00000 n 0000280818 00000 n 0000018827 00000 n In 1834, F. Runge (Pogg. 0000219952 00000 n 0000201628 00000 n Quantitative metabolomics services for biomarker discovery and validation. 0000198119 00000 n 0000292192 00000 n 0000285383 00000 n [8] (For comparison, in more strongly pyramidal methylamine, this value is ~125°, while a planar nitrogen like that of formamide has an angle of 180°.) H Cl Supplier Alfa Aesar Avocado Research … The purity of the product depends upon the quality of the benzene from which the nitrobenzene was prepared. 0000051810 00000 n In addition to dyestuffs, it is a starting-product for the manufacture of many drugs, such as antipyrine, antifebrin, &c. Aniline is manufactured by reducing nitrobenzene with iron and hydrochloric acid and steam-distilling the product. 0000211316 00000 n 0000204943 00000 n Like most volatile amines, it possesses a somewhat unpleasant odour of rotten fish, and also has a burning aromatic taste; it is a highly acrid poison. The reduction of nitrobenzene to aniline was first performed by Nikolay Zinin in 1842, using inorganic sulfide as a reductant (Zinin reaction). 0000286358 00000 n 0000126106 00000 n 0000307614 00000 n 0000256167 00000 n 0000212877 00000 n 0000258318 00000 n 0000261617 00000 n 0000250052 00000 n 0000296057 00000 n Zinin", "Organische Salzbasen, aus Nitronaphtalose und Nitrobenzid mittelst Schwefelwasserstoff entstehend", "Chemische Untersuchung der organischen Basen im Steinkohlen-Theeröl", "De l'action des protosels de fer sur la nitronaphtaline et la nitrobenzine. 0000205574 00000 n 0000314947 00000 n 0000228515 00000 n 0000300228 00000 n 27 862 0000256026 00000 n 0000223569 00000 n [13], Many analogues of aniline are known where the phenyl group is further substituted. Aniline can alternatively be prepared from ammonia and phenol derived from the cumene process. 0000227951 00000 n [13], Boiled with carbon disulfide, it gives sulfocarbanilide (diphenylthiourea) (CS(NHC6H5)2), which may be decomposed into phenyl isothiocyanate (C6H5CNS), and triphenyl guanidine (C6H5N=C(NHC6H5)2).[13]. 0000243437 00000 n 0000320270 00000 n 0000225214 00000 n Due to exist of hydrogen bonds, melting and boiling points are high. 0000211042 00000 n [, Faraglia B, Chen SY, Gammon MD, Zhang Y, Teitelbaum SL, Neugut AI, Ahsan H, Garbowski GC, Hibshoosh H, Lin D, Kadlubar FF, Santella RM: Evaluation of 4-aminobiphenyl-DNA adducts in human breast cancer: the influence of tobacco smoke. Consisting of a phenyl group attached to an amino group, aniline is the simplest aromatic amine. 2002 Oct 5;778(1-2):179-92. 0000240203 00000 n 0000264074 00000 n The principal use of aniline in the dye industry is as a precursor to indigo, the blue of blue jeans.[6]. 0000306601 00000 n 0000199458 00000 n [7] (For comparison, alkylamines generally have lone pairs in orbitals that are close to sp3. 0000215826 00000 n �^^§Nj�Q!ea��L*�o'���5T�d ]xQ���*��PyV� !�G��}O֧QPd�AaE �Q{"��� aG@mB4��E�+�B�ofZ�R���#��zT��PZ��%U��� �K�e�3 �z�$�J�c���x�{6�D����s܇��ݼ��_u~�O�C�l((^�G��ZɄ��1¡s�^$�70= ���ΐ�|p~- ��"w���xL�< 0000212462 00000 n 0000237305 00000 n 0000254495 00000 n 0000019045 00000 n : 62-53-3 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratory chemicals, Industrial & for professional use only. Traditionally, the weak basicity of aniline is attributed to a combination of inductive effect from the more electronegative sp2 carbon and resonance effects, as the lone pair on the nitrogen is partially delocalized into the pi system of the benzene ring. 0000265794 00000 n Chromic acid converts it into quinone, whereas chlorates, in the presence of certain metallic salts (especially of vanadium), give aniline black. 0000241790 00000 n 0000328568 00000 n 0000276754 00000 n [, Peluso M, Airoldi L, Magagnotti C, Fiorini L, Munnia A, Hautefeuille A, Malaveille C, Vineis P: White blood cell DNA adducts and fruit and vegetable consumption in bladder cancer. 0000195773 00000 n 0000230297 00000 n Phytomedicine. 0000273677 00000 n 0000204446 00000 n 0000234737 00000 n It reacts with nitrobenzene to produce phenazine in the Wohl-Aue reaction. 0000297451 00000 n 0000278700 00000 n 0000319679 00000 n 0000303028 00000 n These derivatives are of importance in the color industry. 0000285242 00000 n Below are some classes of its reactions. Pharmacogenetics. 0000301763 00000 n 0000223400 00000 n 0000206876 00000 n 0000209097 00000 n Odour no data available Odour Threshold no data available Evapouration rate no data available 10. 0000281644 00000 n 0000277999 00000 n The first azo dye was aniline yellow. A. W. von Hofmann investigated these variously prepared substances, and proved them to be identical, and thenceforth they took their place as one body, under the name aniline or phenylamine. 0000252252 00000 n 0000213856 00000 n Salvarsan's targeted microorganism, not yet recognized as a bacterium, was still thought to be a parasite, and medical bacteriologists, believing that bacteria were not susceptible to the chemotherapeutic approach, overlooked Alexander Fleming's report in 1928 on the effects of penicillin. 0000320544 00000 n 0000328740 00000 n - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below. 0000296613 00000 n 0000287893 00000 n 0000124780 00000 n 0000255744 00000 n 0000318814 00000 n 0000299362 00000 n 0000289287 00000 n Ann., 1834, 3 1, p. 6 5; 3 2, p. 33 1) isolated from coal-tar a substance which produced a beautiful blue colour on treatment with chloride of lime; this he named kyanol or cyanol. 0000194258 00000 n 0000276057 00000 n `��ϟ}�g\�WϟqV��Iì.�>|~��d������~���ه�}y�LT�RL�BULV��kVB�U��ٿ��#��%.��R�|Ȣ���ЂX�y�b~�fw�����^̏��M�ѻI��>=]RD��!�Ti�����%���-�.� 0000219783 00000 n 0000222848 00000 n 0000240790 00000 n 0000226384 00000 n 0000221650 00000 n [, Mathews JM, De Costa KS: Absorption, metabolism, and disposition of 1,3-diphenyl-1-triazene in rats and mice after oral, i.v., and dermal administration. <> 0000202799 00000 n 0000251152 00000 n Hydrochloric acid and potassium chlorate give chloranil. 0000255047 00000 n 0000282474 00000 n [6] Alternatively, using Buchwald-Hartwig coupling or Ullmann reaction approaches, aryl halides can be animated with aqueous or gaseous ammonia. 0000017887 00000 n It possesses a somewhat pleasant vinous odour and a burning aromatic taste; it is a highly acrid poison. 0000219223 00000 n 0000324048 00000 n 0000312978 00000 n protection of non-protected body parts, protection of eyes. 0000219360 00000 n 0000249222 00000 n Aniline is an organic compound with the formula C6H5NH2. 0000243296 00000 n The early manufacture of aniline resulted in increased incidents of bladder cancer, but these effects are now attributed to naphthylamines, not anilines. 0000243711 00000 n 0000298911 00000 n 0000203297 00000 n 0000318329 00000 n He named it kyanol or cyanol. Signal word Danger. 0000312148 00000 n 0000233877 00000 n 0000237649 00000 n Eb'�V��Ԥ�]I��Ώ�l��Z�Ť�,r,Y��>�p�U1����XZdA��T�+p����UU��}�+�9�$�hk� ����7B|YEA$��D�|SB��@o)�2�_���2��[�B3c+,�*�H�I��'x*��G8�AINA��9w�J/�u�H�!���x����ƘB���� (���

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