That's what I would say. Logic reasoning and deduction calls bs on this one. The Advantages of Smart Apartment Keys: Keys have custom codes so no two renters have the same one. This is frequently found in commercial setups, like businesses, where a user may have a key to their office that can also open the bathroom, or a janitor may have a single key that opens every door in the building. You’ve got to get into your apartment, but there are other things to worry about as well. I normally change the keys when I rent a new place, on the assumption that previous tenant(s) have kept copies of the keys. Dear friends, the agent has resolved this problem by changing our lock and key. However, the agent has changed the locks and this is no longer a problem. A master key can open many different types of locks. State laws may also dictate what a landlord can do with your security deposit if they use it. Over the years, owners or tenants have replaced their apartment locks and so now need two keys. Locking knobs are becoming more popular on master bedrooms. Thank you all for sharing your opinions. These can be masterkeyed to allow certain keys to open only the outer doors to the home, but the master key can open both the outer doors and the master bedroom. You may need to begin saving more than planned if you're looking for a new apartment. She also writes about landlord and tenant laws. Ask first because some landlords get upset, but the other 90% are fine (as long as they get their two copies – one for the manager, one for them). What? I have just found out that my neighbour and I have the same lock. She uses her accounting degree and financial savvy to help readers understand real estate markets and mortgage options. Check that list at move-out to assure the tenant has returned all keys. Do You Have to Pay First, Last & Security When Renting an Apartment?. Hi bull69dozer, that question was more in case of a theft. My apartment key is same for my neighbour too. You could make a fair case that your premise is not secure. It's not uncommon, but a lot of people don't know. I bet he swapped the barrel from your lock with the barrel of the lock of one of your neighbours. Keep a Paper Trail. Hi.Locks are complete. How should I bring this up with my landlord as I do not like knowing another owner inside block can open my door?Like so. If this doesn't happen then you will have to make an application to the residential tenancies tribunal in your state. There are a couple of ways to key the lock-sets. I have seen several setups where the main door lock works with everyone unit key but the unit keys were not identical therefore won't open other units doors unlike the OP. In California, a security deposit may not exceed two months' worth of rent. Dead latches are ok. I was stupid at the time that I never asked the name of that owner and which unit she is from and I've forgotten what it was for as its a while ago. If that had happened to me I would have written a letter to the people concerned saying that if it happens again they will be reported to the police for trespass. This is an apartment with 10 units.Am I the only person who doesn't know what this means?? The issue may have been a numbered key mixup. I would be most concerned about this situation. It's likely that in the OP's building, every apartment had just one key that opened the front door and their apartment door. The super of our apartment building is always going into everyone's apartment when something needs to be fixed. Other states place no legal limits on security deposits, but local rental markets and custom will dictate how much landlords charge for security deposits. Wondering if anyone has had a similar situation in the past and what could be the best method to claim some sort of compensation from the real estate agent. The first thing to do is, of course, get into your apartment. Argue later. While he was thinking about calling the locksmith, he requested me to try my key on his door and to our surprise, it has worked. Duplicate and master keys must be kept in a secure location, away from high traffic areas like the leasing office or lobby. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. First step, of course, is to inform your REA who should immediately contact the strata manager. It can also be found in apartment complexes where each renter may have a key to their apartment, and that same key can also open the main door into their building or other common areas. It can also be found in apartment complexes where each renter may have a key to their apartment, and that same key can also open the main door into their building or other common areas. For small setups masterkeying starts at only $15 per cylinder. Do you need to have your apartment re-keyed? Let's say your lease requires you to pay your rent every month on the first of the month but your lease doesn't begin until June 15. California State Laws for Getting Apartment Deposits Back. The security deposit limit in California may be as high as three months' worth of rent when renting a furnished apartment. Since you're only responsible for the apartment for half of the month of June, you'll only need to pay half the month's worth of rent, or a prorated amount. Also never mentioned it to landlord at the time if they knew another owner had acces to their property. If you don't, the landlord will return the deposit to you. I was living in a building where reception had keycard access to all rooms. ..try my key on his door and to our surprise, it has worked. For more details or to order masterkeying services, please, Security Snobs can help provide additional information and assistance to meet the needs of any master key systems you desire (small or large, basic or advanced). Just put a deadbolt in and give the landlord a key. They opened the door on me once mistakenly thinking the room was vacant. In some places, your landlord can also keep your security deposit to cover any unpaid rent. Also, I have been given just one key for both my unit's main door and also the apartment's main entry door. I have just found out that my neighbour and I have the same lock. OP have you tried the other apartment again? I am wondering about this as well. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. My Husband Ruined My Credit & I Need to Rent an Apartment. The problem belongs to the strata corporation as it will own the locks and should arrange for a locksmith to at least re-pin your and your neighbour's locks. They have explained to me that the building front door lock can be opened with two different keys. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. A security deposit is usually equal to one month's worth of rent, but may be less. In such a cases, it's not unusual to still have to pay the entire month's worth of rent to get started, and then pay the prorated amount the following month. Make sure you have enough apartment keys, but think twice before making copies yourself. And gave you his key. A last month's rent requirement is more likely to be imposed on a tenant with past rental problems, such as eviction, late payments or otherwise poor rental references. Property owners in Colorado, Kentucky and Vermont, for example, can charge any amount they like when requesting a security deposit. They have explained to me that the building front door lock can be opened with two different keys. Go and buy a barrel. One evening recently, my neighbour requested my help as he accidentally locked himself out and left his keys inside. Before renting an apartment, understand what you're paying and what your landlord can do with the funds. I have just found out that my neighbour and I have the same lock. Although locks come in all shapes and sizes, with many innovative design variations, most locks are based on fairly similar concepts. If the one key opens both the building entrance door and the lot door, the OC should be controlling the keys in order to provide reasonable security for both the building and the lots. 6. OP, if you go trying other doors with your key you may get a tap on the nose. Change the barrel of the lock and get an extra key cut. If you confirm a few are all the same then invoke maximum drama by influencing someone else to post a notice "The keys are all the same. If you have multiple locks it's worth getting them all keyed the same. But check the doors first, some apartments have cheap flimsy doors so no amount of locking will secure them. As such, expecting you to pay your first month of rent before you move in should not come as a surprise. To start, Security Snobs can assist with small master key systems for average residential users.

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