Cover slow cooker and cook on low-heat setting for 6-8 hours. You say tenderloin in the recipe, but the picture and your directions make it sound like the larger, thicker pork loin roast. and it is sooo tasty and it literally just falls apart xo. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_30"); If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. Brush pork roast with glaze 2 - 3 times during the last hour of cooking. Delicious! – xo. Turned out great and my daughter loved it! Mmmmmmmmm going to make this recipe tomorrow!! Thanks, Jerry! Would it work without the wouchester sauce? So glad you and the kids, too love this! This Slow Cooker Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin is out of this world! Hi Kathy, Probably because it takes all of five minutes of my time to make, leaving my slow cooker to work its magic and make me look like the best cook ever. A crock pot balsamic pork tenderloin that can be prepared in less than two minutes. Your email address will not be published. It always turns out very well. Thanks so much! Paired with some gorgeous roasted Brussels sprouts, baby carrots & potatoes for an outstanding meal! The whole family loved it. Planning on making this recipe. We ate every bite! Required fields are marked *. Combine the sugar, cumin, garlic powder, chile powder if using, salt, and pepper. As someone else suggested, I also thickened the sauce in a pan with some flour. display: none !important; I thickened it once the pork was done ( used frozen roast…worked fine) with flour or cornstarch! Place rubbed pork tenderloin. Cooking garlic honey pork spices vinegar - balsamic worcestershire. Thanks! This is such an awesome recipe! Although, my pork loin was dry. I did not want that dinner to end – I hope you enjoy it! Your email address will not be published. Good recipe. It is because I am SO tired. I just cooked this for the first time yesterday. I make mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes…vegetables such as green beans, okra, zucchini or squash or asparagus – depending on what I’m craving. xo. The glaze will be one of the best things you ever eat! I swapped the sage for rosemary since that's what I had on hand, and truly, it was delectable. After pulling the tenderloin apart I thicken the juices; we like the tenderloin and gravy over egg noodles. Serve slow cooker balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with remaining glaze on the side. In a very large skillet, heat ¼ cup olive oil to medium high heat and place the tenderlion in the skillet. If so what would the timing be? Hi Penny, i made this for my family along with buttered parsley potatoes and they loved it ! I’m sorry your dish didn’t turn out. So happy you liked it so well! Just dump the ingredients into the slow cooker and cook until done. }. Hi. Thanks! Glad it’s made your list of favorites, Jennifer! (I’m kidding. This is going onto my list of favourites. Rub well pork tenderloin with seasoning mixture. I have two tenderloins in the package. Can I use a Boston butt cut with this recipe? Thanks! Why you ask? So glad you and your daughter liked it, Erika! I like the colour from the balsamic vinegar. Thanks! I have cooked it and served it over mashed potatoes, but when I’m feeling lazy, I throw in some potatoes, carrots and onions and voila! Thank you for the recipe. I ate it by the spoonful. I added 1/3 cup brown sugar to the sauce and the pork quickly disappeared. I place the remaining glaze on the table in a serving dish for those who would like extra. (If my tenderlion is too long, I will cut it in half. Create an account easily save your favorite content, so you never forget a recipe again. It’s very similar to a Slow Cooker Balsamic Pork on another website. This looks great and trying today! The pork was excellent. It has been printed, and is a keeper! You just open up a package of pork tenderloins from the grocery store, whisk up some simple ingredients that you have on hand in your pantry, toss it all into the slow cooker, set the timer, and then at supper time your family thinks you hung the moon – or something of grand proportions. Heat over medium heat for about 4 minutes until sauce thickens. This meal is not only all of those things, but it was a hit with my whole family! Thanks! An hour before the tenderloin is done cooking make the glaze. Crock pot sweet chicken chili recipe. I don’t have the vinegar on hand, would using balsamic vinegarette salad drssing be just a good? five (I do four sides, rolling the tenderloin). Great recipe! Hi J, Sorta). Slow Cooker Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin. I served the tenderloin alongside mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans and Stovetop Stuffing. ). It was amazing! I’m trying it tonight. If so, how much do you pour in the crock pot. Rub over all sides … I have eaten it on pizza!!!! We all need to factor in the altitude we are at. This was super easy and delicious. Thanks! Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! Pour 1/2 cup water into slow cooker. Thanks! I am so deliriously happy with it! Hi Jessica, Required fields are marked *. Place pork roast into the insert of your slow cooker. Hi Ashton, It’s a favorite of ours too – and I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Too sweet for my taste. Rest and Serve: Remove the pork loin from the slow cooker and transfer to a cutting board. Hi Andrew, This is one of my family’s favorite recipes! Once you remove your pork tenderloins, you can spoon over more of the balsamic gravy that has cooked with the pork or you can pour it into a saucepan and cook it until it has reduced by half for a thick, sweet, delicious glaze. , Dinner (I’m new to slow cookers). Thinking the pot in pot would not water down. Be careful with the … Once you’ve cooked your balsamic pork tenderloins, they will literally being falling apart tender. Thanks so much, Paul. It just couldn’t get any easier. Nikki, the pork tenderloin looks tasty. xo. I am willing to think I made a mistake but how? Hi Heidi, I’ll let you know as soon as I do. Other than that, I'll keep making it & tweaking it to my liking. We are at 2600 ft. . A little dry in some spots but the soppings took care of that issue. Slow cooker lemon-garlic chicken. Thanks! xo. Low and slow. It was about a 4.5 lb pork tenderloin. I don’t remember being this tired with any of my others. Trust me, put this on the must try list. Thanks so much for letting me know that you did! xo. Did a google search of what to do with a pork fillet (UK) and liked the sound of this – Improved my ratings from so so cook to getting better. I’m so glad that everyone loved it, Jorena. Using a pastry brush, brush the prepared balsamic mixture all over the pork loin. ..where I share sweet, savory and southern recipes, as well as home and garden tips and tidbits of travel. So, pull out that slow cooker and toss this in as soon as humanly possible. Balsamic glazed pork tenderloin cooked in slow cooker. Kids loves on Kings Hawaiian bread – it was great and will make again. Thanks so much, Rustine! We will use our themometer next time as my husband used it after 5 hours and the thermometer said DONE. I used maple syrup instead of honey because kids under 1 can’t have honey and I wanted my daughter to be able to eat it too. I need to add a liquid to my Crock-Pot, but I don't know what. My husband and I love this recipe; we have made it many times! Can you cook it on high for a shorter amount of time? Could I double the recipe in one crockpot to feed more folks? But, whatever it is, I’m totally in love with the result it gives me with this fabulously tender, flavorful, and delicious balsamic pork tenderloin.

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