Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris will also get access to the regular national security briefings that Trump gets. 'Sounds like you're not scared at all.' "It's been something that I really struggled with for a long time. Thunder Bay – 212 North Cumberland Street "Some people openly declared at the beginning, 'I can't work here because of pre-existing health conditions,' and we're not allowed to have staff working at two shelters at the same time," said Thomson. Some stores will, temporarily, only accept empty containers on select days. Those being introduced during an afternoon event are among Obama administration alumni whose roles in the upcoming administration signal Biden's shift away from the Trump administration’s “America First” policies. "It would degrade the level of safety at Whitehorse," said Joe Sparling, president of Whitehorse-based airline Air North. "It's a competitive milieu I grew up in that really helped me. The case rate among older adults is indicated by the red line and the number of deaths among this age group is indicated by the black line, which trails behind by four weeks. President Donald Trump, who had refused to concede the election, said Monday that he is directing his team to co-operate on the transition but is vowing to keep up the fight. People returning their beer bottles in Sudbury this long weekend may have to sort through their own empties, as some Beer Store employees are refusing to reach blindly into a bag or box. But medalling at that level, with those guys, is always hard. And so now, with the holiday season just weeks away, Canadians are wondering if one of the bright spots in Canada's long, dark winter will be another casualty of 2020 — and whether the country will ever get off the roller-coaster of flattening the curve only to see cases soar again. Representing about half of the total number of stores across the province, this expansion adds on to the large-scale returns that Distribution Centres accept each Sunday, and the previously-announced 71 store locations that started accepting returns in early April. Orleans – 2276 Tenth Line Road These droplets can hang in the air.People can be contagious without symptoms.This means people should take precautions such as staying home when sick, keeping hands and frequently touched surfaces clean, socializing outdoors as much as possible and maintaining distance from anyone they don't live with — even with a mask on.Ontario has abandoned its concept of social circles.Masks are mandatory in indoor public settings in Ontario and Quebec and should be worn outdoors when people can't distance from others. Omar's daughter is among the students who have not yet returned to the school. Second LCBO employee tests positive for coronavirus. "We've definitely had a couple of days that were a little bit slippery, so we have to make sure we watch ourselves during those," Emily Collis, a first-year student from St. John's added. "It has been very dramatic to many, many families," said Youcef Fouzar, a parent representative on the school council.Fouzar said about half a dozen families have moved their children to another school in a different board. Markham – 5804 Hwy #7, L3P 1A6 – Everyday Scarborough – 3130 Danforth Avenue, M1L 1B2 – Everyday "Even with family, you've got to really think twice. Starting on Monday, April 27, The Beer Store is expanding its deposit return program to reach over 200 retail locations. Newmarket – 1100 Davis Drive, L3Y 8W8 – Everyday Thunder Bay – 911 Fort William Road Naomi's Family Resource Centre in Winchester has lost 30 per cent of its staff since March. "The region's becoming hot," said Lawrick, who claims there is evidence of gold throughout a fault known as the Avalon Terrane that extends from Newfoundland, through northern Nova Scotia, southern New Brunswick and on down the New England coast. "We've always had people looking for gold out here," said Kimberly Burry, whose home sits atop a hill looking out toward the ocean.The latest newcomers, a small crew of geologists, caused barely a ripple this fall when they took up residence in a rented house and began their daily trips into the woods to explore the many rock outcrops and other geological features.If they find what they're looking for, they'll want to take care to reassure neighbours a new mine will not be like the old mine, which left a legacy of environmental ruin when it closed more than thirty years ago. These locations were identified as having low air-traffic levels, even prior to the pandemic, the memo said. 'The region's becoming hot'These particular newcomers work for Magna Terra Minerals, a junior mining company based in Toronto whose stock was trading at 24 cents on Friday.That doesn't diminish the optimism of company president, Lewis Lawrick. The area's other test site is in Napanee.The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has sites in Alexandria, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Limoges, Rockland and Winchester.The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark health unit has permanent sites in Almonte, Brockville, Kemptville and Smiths Falls and a mobile test site visiting smaller communities.People can arrange a test in Bancroft and Picton by calling the centre or Belleville and Trenton online.Renfrew County residents should call their family doctor or 1-844-727-6404 for a test or with questions, COVID-19-related or not. When sorting through empties, Beer Store workers encounter items like used syringes, fish hooks and wine bottles filled with kerosene. "When asked if he envisioned a scenario where area residents might be advised against consuming fish or mammals, McCarthy said, "I"m not a human health person, I'm a fish person. "But Jim McCarthy — a senior biologist with Wood Environmental Infrastructure Solutions, which has been contracted by Nalcor to lead a methylmercury monitoring program in central Labrador — disagrees.It's now been a full year since the Muskrat Falls reservoir was filled to capacity, and McCarthy said methylmercury levels in the Muskrat reservoir has average 0.06 nanograms (one billionth of a gram) of methylmercury per litre of water.

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