", From Bleacher Report: "For quite a few seasons now, the 25-year-old has shown flashes of unabashed dominance that hint at an imminent rise to the top of the NBA's individual hierarchy. While Joel Embiid might be the overwhelming favorite as the best center in the NBA, that doesn't mean there are not many other great NBA centers in the league today. Clint Capela- Atlanta Hawks. He’s slow laterally and has poor positioning, but his high energy makes me think about Montrezl Harrell with a jumper. But he’s also slow making decisions with the ball and responds instead of anticipating on D, and he’s undersized to have any real chance defensively. 1 pick, while James Wiseman emerges as the likely 2nd pick, which currently belongs to the Warriors. Like Stewart, Carey came along a couple decades too late. I’m not sure there’s a lot of offensive upside, but Okongwu will fight hard on the boards, roll to the rim, and get easy efficient buckets without plays drawn up for him. The Adebayo comparison is obvious but makes sense. Even successful picks outside of the #1 prospects are not particularly jaw-dropping. ", From Bleacher Report: "Maybe he's still a limited presence. Here's what they had to say about the ranking: "Position designations are getting harder to determine as the NBA accentuates undefined roles and archetypes, so we're cannonballing into murky waters. No retired or collegiate players. Today he’s a rotational big man. Smith has decent lateral quickness but is probably a drop defender, and he’s a tad small, both height and strength, to protect the rim at an elite level. Even without superstar upside, he can fill an important role as a second or third best player on a winning team. In last year’s version of this piece, I looked back to see how often NBA big men drafted in the lottery end up as busts. Glenn James/Getty Images. Stewart also has long arms which make up for his height in defense, and he has great hand placement on shot blocks. THE 2020 NBA DRAFT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER after the longest draft process in league history. With that in mind, Bleacher Report compiled a ranking of the 10 best. Why do we keep drafting so many bigs so high? However, a lumbering centre who isn’t a great defender and can’t shoot will only get you so far in today’s NBA. That’s not a superstar, but it’s an essential piece on a winning team. That’s 10 hits, a paltry 25% hit rate, and it’s even worse when you consider that those hits include Brow, KAT, Embiid, and Zion, who everyone saw as clear #1 talents in their respective drafts. ". He’s the sort of guy who could’ve put up all-time numbers if he played four years at Duke, but his size isn’t nearly the same advantage in the NBA. Carey is pretty bad on defense and very left handed, but there’s a serious bench masher in here who can help for 25 February minutes against the Hornets. Ranking players who are on their way back from serious injury is … Houston would also be a good fit, if they ever had draft picks. He’s simply a winner who can play for my team any day of the week. Tillman is a winner, a high IQ player who always makes the right play. It’s unclear exactly how much shooting range he will offer to pull defenders outside after he attempted just four college 3-pointers (making one). He makes sense as a future Lopez replacement to Milwaukee at #24 or an Embiid alternative with Simmons in Philly at #21. Only four other players have ever reached that mark and they’re all former league MVPs and in the Hall of Fame (h/t DJ Foster). I enjoy watching Nnaji play because he plays with such a high motor, but that’s may be his only NBA skill. Stewart was the #2 high school prospect a year ago but barely makes it into mock drafts these days. It’s a better position to take a swing on later in the draft, especially on international prospects. ", (Photo: Derick E. Hingle, USA TODAY Sports), For quite a few seasons now, the 25-year-old has shown flashes of unabashed dominance that hint at an imminent rise to the top of the NBA's individual hierarchy. Anything that might cause them to log a lion's share of their time at a different position is on the table.

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