No, this is not business jargon for the company’s sponsorship of … We find that transparency—defined as the perceived quality of information—is a three-dimensional construct consisting of perceived information disclosure, clarity, and accuracy. Forbes, January 26, 2012), "At companies ranging from children’s book publishers to organic-food purveyors, CEOs are increasingly training powerful beams of light on their targets. PDF | The coherent view of language in strategic studies is to assemble a face out of a police identikit. 1. Means to start something (a project, for example) and to try get some results. A self-administered questionnaire was compiled, a non-probability convenience sample was chosen and 931 usable responses were acquired.Main findings: The results showed that subordinates perceived their managers’ communication competencies to be marginally above average. A similar phrase to ‘carve out a niche’ is to corner the market. Almost 61.6% of dental interns admitted that they always used jargon and 22% admitted that they used jargon only when there was a lack of time. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Design/methodology/approach ‐ The guest editors summarize the three papers which comprise this Focus Section. Other important skills for effective communication include feedback and the ability to deal with interference.Research purpose: This study’s primary objective was to determine the effectiveness of managers’ listening and feedback skills and their ability to deal with interference during the listening and feedback phases of the communication process as perceived by subordinates with varying educational backgrounds.Motivation for the study: The aim was to improve managers’ communication with their subordinates.Research design, approach and method: The research followed a quantitative descriptive design. This paper examines the value of motivation regarding the productivity of staff members, American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), JARGONS USED BY MALE BALINESE DANCER AT SANGGAR SENI MANIK UTTARA SINGARAJA, The dimensional structure of transparency: A construct validation of transparency as disclosure, clarity, and accuracy in organizations, LOGISTINĖS ĮMONĖS VIDINĖS KOMUNIKACIJOS TOBULINIMAS, Communication problems in projects - a research study for construction site projects: a case study of Ghana, SVEIKATOS PRIEŽIŪROS ĮSTAIGŲ VIDINĖS KOMUNIKACIJOS BARJERŲ ŠALINIMAS, Is jargon deterrent to effective communication in dental practice? message and hinder clear, open and rewarding communication in the organization. The empirical work took place in Greece during September‐December 2011 and the respondents consisted of workers employed in 20 small firms (i.e. – This study aims to present current trends and developments in the field of communication management in The Netherlands.

Statistically significant correlations were identified among employees' sense of belonging and these factors about work environment.
All rights reserved. Members of the Dutch professional society, Logeion, also completed the survey. Sadly, the primary reason business writers use too much jargon is everyone else is using it. Conclusion: This study showed widespread use of jargon/abbreviations in case history taking among the respondents. – Factor analysis of the survey items identified five underlying factors that are related to workplace physical environment.

. "If you have to ask why, chances are you’ve fallen under the poisonous spell of business …

In the U.S. this is usually “close of business,” and it means the same thing: The end of the working day. So, how do you make sure that you are learning new business phrases in a way that you will be able to remember them and use them in the future? The result of this study represents there are 22 jargons used by male Balinese dancer at Sanggar Seni Manik Uttara Singaraja in which jargons were classified and investigated based on word formation processes and word class. A special thanks to Mr. M. whose help, stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me successful,, ... Jargon belongs to language variety in sociolinguistics.

'It’s business jargon,' says L.J. 4. This study aimed to know the form of jargons used by Balinese Dancer of female at Sanggar Seni Manik Uttara, to know the meaning of each jargons used by Balinese Dancer of female at Sanggar Seni Manik Uttara, and to know the function of Jargons used by Balinese Dancer of female at Sanggar Seni Manik Uttara. The main instrument of this study was the researcher itself which supported by the recorder, camera, interview guide and observation to collect the data. tively impact the effective and efficient co, Furthermore, the use of jargons makes employees feel irritated and left, tanding whatever has been communicated to them and that affect individ, dled with good care as they form a big part of the organization’s wellbeing. Business people commonly use specialized words and phrases (ie. He takes a high-altitude view, but he doesn't drill down to that level of granularity where we might actionize new opportunities.

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