Contracture scars commonly form following a burn. Hi Samantha! cold pressed castor oil. This is despite the fact that most modern, accepted treatments are expensive, with possibly harmful side effects, may/may not even work, usually become ineffective when discontinued (which means you are chained for life), only seeks to treat the surface symptoms, and abandons even the pretense of healing as its aim. Don’t go to invasive procedures that promises miracles and you may end worst as i did with laser treatment. I am using other remedies as of now, though. Especially when treating stretch mark scars, consider leaving the oil on overnight so the oil can penetrate deep into the skin. Certain enzymes can break down fibrin (the fibrous tissue in scars). It healed my bigger spots quicker than my usual treatment options and it made my skin to glow more, improved my skin tone and just made my skin feel better. One must also consider age, sex, ethnicity, and genes. Still the texture changed and indentations caused by the laser all over the scars. I find that the oil does stay on the skin with just the film. Leave overnight and wash off the next morning. To answer your questions — yes, I think with regular applications and patience, castor oil can flatten hypertrophic scars and repigment them. They mean a lot , Hello dear Samantha Even now, everytime I look at it, I’d feel so very grateful for my healing and in awe of my body’s amazing transformation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.  +  Just allowing the ads to load as you browse would mean a lot to me. In my experience, the hardest part is staying with it and being patient because this is not a “quick fix”. Eventually, moisturize your clean face with a few drops of castor oil. By June 2010 (9 months later), the scar was almost gone. I hope with regular use, the color would be completely back. The use of this oil is the fastest and most effective way to heal scarring using black castor oil. It helps the skin to remain moisturized, have less wrinkles, fine lines and reduced acne. Try castor oil for scars for a safe, all-natural treatment today! Apply on the affected areas and leave for a few minutes to dry. But I can say that it took longer for me to notice this change than the fading of my hyperpigmented areas — so it’s likely that healing the hypopigmented areas took more time overall. You can clearly see the crescent-shaped depression in the middle. I’ve used all the treatments prescribed and then silicone sheetings but the indentations stayed the same. I am so excited and just can’t believe that after 9 months of trying all sorts of other things, this worked so well after only 3 days. Now that I am 37 weeks pregnant I’m dealing with really dark stretch marks. Cosmetic surgery is an option for scar treatment, but is not typically covered by insurance unless the scar causes impairment or debilitation. that form when the body creates excessive scar tissue during healing. I know my messages will go out to those who really need it. is it possible for this to grow the hair back in the little area? Starting treatment while the scar is still fresh is the best way to prevent it from becoming larger and more noticeable. I read that it is great for treating Keloid scars as well. The procedure below is key: This remedy can be used for a period of about 10 to 14 days. They are hypopigmented though. The doctor applied too much heat and left with burns on the scars that when the inflamation settle down revealed indentations on each the 3 sites the doctor treated (no luck at all). Castor oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and therefore prevents rashes from affecting your skin.[7]. She also noticed hair growth. Do you think that there is a possibility that if applying castor oil on these burns+scars can get new follicles (although they’ve been burned) and fill in the indentations? Over these 9 years I tried so many things(Medaderm, onion peelsetc…)…. You can apply castor oil to soften the scar, and also use it to thicken the hair around it. I hope that helps. His young age should also help him as kids can heal faster than adults. The overall effect is that the coloring of my scar became mostly what it had been before my burn (olive tone). Hi Samantha, Thanks for the article because I was starting to give up on ever recognizing myself again. Flash was OFF. Heals the pimple quickly without the horrible drying out of a pimple[4], Another review dated October 6th, 2017 by Mooninja; 5 star rating. Under this, you are supposed to treat the acne affected area with steaming water. The breaks I took gave my skin a rest and then everything would tighten up again. It was not something I’d expected at all so I wasn’t actively looking out for it. I tend to toss around a lot in my sleep. Hi samantha May I ask how frequent should i apply the oil? She was walking ahead of me in a skirt and had the same burn scar I did, on the same place on her calf. I felt very self-conscious about them as I had many–and they were lighter than my olive skin tone. It makes the oil to go deep into the skin and moisturize it to the optimum level, which in the long run gives you an acne free skin. Soon, Samantha had patches of healed skin within her scar. Starting treatment while the scar is still fresh is the best way to prevent it from becoming larger and more noticeable. Yeah I am definitely planning to continue for at least another 6 months and see how it goes. This probably happens because castor oil is a very good humectant and will put moisture into the skin. But the good thing is once we start seeing small improvements with out own eyes after months of patience, it gets much easier to continue, and eventually the healing is permanent and real. , Hi Samantha. The wounds have mostly healed now (this happened two weeks ago), but the resulting skin, is all light pink/white (what you would call hypopigmentation, not hyperpigmentation). Eventually, I had small patches of healed, unblemished skin within my scar, which I spent many minutes staring at and touching…. I only use an ordinary cream (Nivea) after shaving and put castor oil at night. At first, these hairs were almost colourless and looked “golden” under a light. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], Your email address will not be published. Steam your face for few minutes to open up the skins pores. It is non comedogenic: it has low comedogenic scale and therefore will not congest the pores, making it one of the best choices for acne.

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