Where can I buy a battery for the big chief cartridges. Counterfeit carts get you high because there is still THC in them. First of all the guys reaction to questions about the legitimacy of his products enrages him and instead of explaining, he quickly doesn’t want to do business anymore with people who ask about pricing and sales orders being fulfilled and when they can expect them. Or, from the above two horror stories, you can see what else can happen. Scratch code is on the side of the box. Liquid on the fake moves much much much faster. Tell us more about Big Chief here or in our forums. Take a look at the pictures below. As said before, fake brands and companies are also emerging through the help of people on Alibaba and Dhgate.com. Pricing, if you buy 200 – 499, is $2.55 PER CARTRIDGE = $510 for 200. According to whois, the site has been registered since February of 2019. There was also a Twitter user reported back five months ago doing likewise, but that account has since been vacated. Here is the point we take exception with: We’re a professional website invested in bringing cannabis product reviews and information to the public. We asked if they were aware of the counterfeits of this product flying around and the person responded they were well aware and were taking steps to mitigate that. Can counterfeits get you high as well? From what i seen the cart was legit and full and high was also nice. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have a legend og that matches everything saying its real. UPDATE 7/5/2020: The easiest way to tell if a WCC cart is fake is if it’s not a pod. So, is this an actual, legit company, at least? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Maybe but Moxie sold for $500M and they can actually do something with the money to make it big. Still at least they are trying to make good product and they get credit for that. Real THC cartridges will be sold in licensed retailers, and legitimate sites in legalized states. Fake cartridges and the black market. So this alleges, so far, that there exists somewhere in the world, a cultivation facility that is growing cannabis, extracting oil, filling carts, and distributing them under the brand name of “Big Chief Extracts.” Wherever this place is, it is probably not at the address under the corporation listing, 1055 WILSHIRE BLVD, STE 1945, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90017. Looks like another “tell” is the lack of punctuation (periods) in the Government Warning labeling. I have the banjo trainwreck grape gas and tits all legit. We actually don’t have videos for these and we do identify the fakes. Is it real or fake? Fake box, side by side, is taller, viewed from the bottom. One of those retailers is where we find this: So there, incontrovertible proof that $2.55 will buy you at least 200 empty Big Chief Extracts cart packaging. Oh yeah and this guy said he doesn’t sell at wholesale prices and my opinion is that his black market brand does that’s why I bet you he’s only got a limited stock on hand of the legit stuff and my guess would be for his demo kits. Mine dose not have the finger holes but everything else checks out is it real or fake?? They’re running a United States wide, maybe world wide organization for all we know… and shipping these out as fast as I they can produce them. Mouthpiece is flat. Once you understand that you’re gonna go “yea I see why he doesn’t give much info and stays pretty quiet. Not only that but I’ve seen various forms of advertising from this brand all of which have came directly from them so that’s a red flag . Are these fake? Furthermore who sells packaging of their own brand or gives empty demo kit and claims to be the next #1 brand of a product of which they have nothing in stock and have been around all this time. The fake ones say “1 CARTRIDGE THC” instead. I just got one of these in Ohio. Pen is not. Because the z’s look like 2’s sometimes. You’ll see him later for sure. As in, if you lay both boxes on their back on a table (with the front facing up), the front of the box on the fake will be closer to the ceiling. They may do most of the compliance and be a good product, but they do not have a valid BCC number that we could find which means they are not really a registered, legit company, yet. Stay safe bro!! But i hope its not to serious. But even then besides looking closely at the carts and comparing the way the codes are printed on the real and fake items you can even sometimes taste a difference in the wax that comes with the unverified carts. Can’t trust an unlicensed brand like this. I had just had surgery so I thought it was a reaction to my pain meds but now that I read this, it makes sense.

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