It is best to separate the eggs into their own tank and to take the non fertile eggs out because they … Otherwise, do many water changes each day to keep the water crystal clean. The eggs will sink when they aren’t attached to the glass, so I originally placed a fish net under the eggs as I scraped them off. I would recommend starting the brine shrimp hatchery after two days of incubating the eggs. Some people recommend leaving the eggs in the tank and removing the parents so they don’t eat the eggs; however I decided to remove the eggs instead. This worked pretty well, but I later found that using a turkey baster was much easier to collect the eggs. At this point, cleanliness is not so important. This has a big advantage over the external container in that although it keeps the eggs and fry in a fairly confined space they are actually still in the same water in which the spawning took place. Add an air stone and an air pump to facilitate water flow. Normally this is on the glass sides of the aquarium, but some eggs will also be laid in the plants and/or mops. Check out the Monthly For this, I took a five gallon aquarium, which serves as the grow-out container as they get bigger, and I put a small plastic container at the top of it. In the Fish Room we decided to try a couple of new things with our Sterabi Cory Eggs to see if I can keep more alive. I have had Cory catfish lay eggs in the past and have found that the best way to tell them apart is the non-fertile ones turn white and the fertile ones stay kind of clear. Feed them well on meaty foods such as frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, and even live foods like blackworms, white worms and live brine shrimp. The eggs tuned from pale cream to grey brown but show no sign of hatching yet. how long does it take for catfish eggs to hatch how long does it take for cory eggs to hatch how long do panda fish eggs take to hatch how many days hatch the egg of catfish click to vote now! Under the right conditions, Cory Cats are actually very easy to breed, and a lot of the time people will have them breed in their community tank without them doing much. Methylene Blue is a good medication to put in to prevent this. This mini-grow out tank was put in the larger grow out tank again so the fish wouldn’t have direct contact with the heater. I made so many mistakes when I first got cories- I am sure I tried to hatch/raise more then 1000+ eggs only to have one survive until that point. Select a tank about 20 gallons (75 US Liters/90 UK Litres) in capacity, ideally with high sides. Separate the males and females for about a week. I would recommend making sure they almost always have access to food in the beginning, which is why you need to perform water changes. I have them in this small container that has holes for flow. is one of the internet's oldest and premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium forums! This causes stress that can lead to a shortened life. One of the oldest and most familiar of the cory catfish is the bronze cory (Corydoras aeneus) in its many forms. Fifteen-year-old fish are not uncommon. You will need a separate container for the fry and also a grow out aquarium as the catfish get bigger. The fry grow quickly and are miniature half-inch-long copies of their parents after only about four weeks. Juvenile and adult bronze cories will take all types of prepared fish foods, as well as most frozen and live foods that are fed to other fish. Binh's Fish/Pet Room Makeover....Extravaganza?? After about a week or so, you can start mixing in finely crushed flake food with the live brine shrimp. Looks like at least 4 are fertile yay. I would recommend feeding the catfish fry 2-3 times each day. If you are trying to breed your Cory Cats, I would recommend setting up a separate breeding tank just for the Cory Cats. I moved them into one of those floating fry cages for livebearers next to filter and heater with large airstone below so they have lots of air.

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