If this issue persists, please contact the University of Chicago Medicine. problem.” In a study testing the efficacy of the keto diet to manage epilepsy in children, a majority of patients on the keto diet complained of constipation. However, what are some negative aspects to it? Since your brain is fueled by glucose, it is no surprise that it is negatively impacted by carb consumption. This acidic state can also worsen the progression of chronic kidney disease. Because of these types of reasons, most people don’t stick with these restrictive diets longer than a few months. One popular food trend right now is the low-carb diet. The amount of recommended supplementation depends on the individual. On the other hand, when gut bacteria metabolize carbs, they produce more antioxidants. The diet restricts fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy that can help with long term weight loss and overall health. The keto diet could cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, constipation, nutrient deficiencies and an increased risk of heart disease. The risk of yo-yo dieting isn’t only reserved for trying keto — it applies to most of these other wellness fads, too. Many different diet fads are coming and going. Ultimately, if you can find better health (physical and psychological) on keto, then of course I’d encourage you to stick with it! Plus, unless they’re prescribed to you by a physician, dietary supplements come with their own safety gamble. Constipation is an uncomfortable side effect that is common. Rachel Kleinman, RDN, LDN, clinical dietitian at Ingalls, said the keto diet is primarily used to manage seizures in children with epilepsy. Therefore, your food-to-booze ratio is going to fall in booze’s favor. Food is about so much more than fuel for the body. Cutting back on these nutritious foods for weight loss propagates diet myths about what it looks like to eat in a balanced way. Everyone knows someone who's trying the keto diet, whether it's Halle Berry or your Uncle Joe. To achieve ketosis, the diet requires you eat 75 percent of your calories from fat, compared to 20-35 percent normally. All rights Reserved. Kleinman said it takes about 72 hours for ketosis to kick in. Too much protein – Excessive protein can turn even the juiciest of stakes into cake in your blood stream. Keto is not safe for those with any conditions involving their pancreas, liver, thyroid or gallbladder. What You Need to Know About Low-Carb Diets. Oftentimes weight gain may come back, and you’ll gain more than what you lost,” Condon said. The high level of acidity from ketones on ketoacidosis can damage the kidneys, liver and brain, and can even result in death. The keto diet may reduce your bone mineral density and trigger bone breakdown over time, though further studies are needed. Eating a lot of animal foods on the keto diet can lead to more acidic urine and a higher risk of kidney stones. It has to do with chemical changes that occur inside your body when you enter ketosis. Keto-compliant foods like red meats and nuts can be costly, Kleinman said. Many medical professionals and nutritionists believe the only diets that work long-term are diets that become lifestyle changes that can be maintained. This is the predominant difference between keto and traditional lower-carb diets like Atkins. The keto diet is no exception. If you’re a pro athlete, or just get competitive with yourself at the gym, the keto diet may not be for you. Your body needs dietary fiber in order to digest food in a regular and healthy manner. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. But since the data shows me quite the opposite (and since we can’t always rely on "willpower" to keep us in check): Approach weight loss first by considering your lifestyle and shifting toward healthier eating habits through behavior changes that promote physical, mental, and psychological well-being for life. Since the GI tract is considered the "bodyguard" of your immune system, this may impact your gut-brain connection, immune function, and chronic disease risk. The research on ketogenic diets also suggests you'll need to take a multivitamin to get enough minerals, calcium and vitamin D — most of which are readily available in plant-based foods. Your body will break down ketone bodies, a type of fuel the liver produces from fat, instead of sugar or glucose from carbohydrates. The body’s main source of energy is carbohydrates. what actually happens to your body when you deprive it of carbs, people in ketosis can sometimes end up with breath that smells like nail polish remover, most types of alcohol have a lot of carbs, these other symptoms of vitamin or mineral deficiency, There’s a reason marathoners carb-load before a big race, your diet still matters when it comes to the bacteria in your gut, it applies to most of these other wellness fads, too, The Craziest Diet and Wellness Fads of 2018 List. Using fat as energy requires beta-oxidation, which can produce thousands of ready to use calories at the expense of a slower burn rate. And of the research that has been done, there isn’t much public awareness. These ketones (including acetone — yep, like nail polish remover acetone) will circulate in your body and diffuse into your lungs. “Fat bombs” like unsweetened chocolate or coconut oil can help people reach their daily goals for fat intake. It entails restricting carbohydrate intake enough to maintain what’s called “ketosis,” a state the human body resorts to when it has no carbohydrates to use for fuel. “There are heart-healthy sources of fat, however if that person is not educated on heart-healthy sources of fat, they may consume excessive amounts of saturated fats that can increase your risk of heart disease,” Condon said. Our health and science e-newsletter features articles on trending health topics and insight from UChicago Medicine experts. Long-term nutrient deficiencies can lead to health problems. Constipation is a common side effect of low-carb eating plans, including the ketogenic diet. It is noteworthy that they show a higher incidence of stroke as compared to Western society. Is Ketosis Safe and Does It Have Side Effects? Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Healthcare professionals can ID inflammation through blood work by looking for signs of oxidative stress (a.k.a. Is the Keto Diet Safe If You Have Type 1 Diabetes? Not all health professionals agree that ketones produced by a controlled diet are harmful, but many feel that there are some potentially dangerous ketosis side effects. Yuck! “Do your research, consult a dietitian, discuss with your doctor, and make sure you’re being safe.”. This side effect appears to be brief, but still uncomfortable and unpleasant.

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