I am not so sure why the body is not being provided in the package. For me, having a curious heart matter here. I will be showcasing a few on this post to give an idea of some of the styles that we carry. Specifically, all the components for making a wicked electric guitar is present in this package. The body is well machined, and the cavities for the controls, neck, and pickups are correct. Bandsaws, routing tools, and wood glue may come important at some point, especially if you want to modify the design of the main body. You can choose your own hand orientation, tonewood type, hardware, fretboard inlays, headstock shape, binding options & more. Send in your guitar pics and we’ll publish them below. Take note that a guitar kit may be perfect for some, but not for you. In this guide, I will be showing you different DIY guitar kits that possess both affordability and quality. You can build a long-lasting custom-made rig with this kit. It is necessary the body, and the hardware of the guitar kit are made to be solid. Just like I have said earlier, there's no need for you to break your bank account before you can acquire an electric guitar kit. ⚠️ Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) shipping delays may occur. The most common tools required for constructing a DIY guitar kit are pliers, screwdrivers, and soldering iron. While you stay long in this endeavor, you will realize that keeping up with the standards is pretty dull and boring. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker. Of course, it is not a surprising thing anymore. Solo LP and Unfinished Style DIY Guitar Kit, Mahogany Body, Spalted Maple Top | Solo Music Gear, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. As of Monday, June 15 2020, we will be re-launching the local pick up option for orders. Here you can find our premium Kit Guitar Bodies and necks, a blank canvas for your masterpiece made … One of the problems associated with buying an unfinished timber product, such as a DIY guitar kit is the difference in humidity levels between the country of origin and the region it is delivered to. sunburst to a standard solid color finish. Even if you see yourself as someone unique, your rig will tell a different story. That will be a massive headache for you. The Fret Wire DIY Electric Guitar Kit 175 is considered good by many. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Now through Black Friday, 10% Off! It is one of the most prevailing reasons why some are reluctant to acquire these kits. Saga TC-10 Electric Guitar Kit - T Style - Runner-Up, 3. In the guitar community today, I have seen a lot of people who are drooling over Stratocaster guitars. This DIY Guitar Kit has everything you need for building your own custom Electric Guitar. A post shared by GuitarKitWorld.com (@guitarkits) on Nov 15, 2019 at 4:17pm PST, A post shared by GuitarKitWorld.com (@guitarkits) on Feb 24, 2020 at 11:02am PST, A post shared by GuitarKitWorld.com (@guitarkits) on Jan 8, 2020 at 8:58am PST. Depending on the desired playing style that you have, either of these tonewoods can work for you. Don't let your sense of familiarity overwhelm your choices. You are lucky that this time, several manufacturers are already selling guitar kits that come with reasonable costs. But don't you know that Van Halen didn't spend much when he created his historic rig? There are two packs of string that you can get from this package. Straight right from the box, all the hardware and parts are screaming for customization and build already. Build your own basswood semi-hollow body guitar using this DIY LP style guitar kit with spalted maple veneer, dot abalone Inlays. That doubt is pretty acceptable. Specifically, if you want to get this kit, make sure that you can come up with a 2x4 wood first. Tuner holes are also pre-drilled with the correct spacing. Pit Bull Guitars AST-1 Electric Guitar Kit A Series, DIY Guitar Kits, F Type Guitar Kit, ST Style Kits AUD $ 149.00. It is okay to settle on entry-level kits. I am also talking about the guitar that you are using. Black Conductive Shielding Paint $11.99 Shop Now. Geezer Guitar Review…Excellent Beginner Tips as well. Precision Guitar Kits Each body and neck are made for each other, numbered and fitted by us, in our shop in Vancouver, Canada. All the wood cutting, drilling and shaping has already been done professionally by our factory staff. You have all the freedom to customize and tweak the body's aesthetics. The more you grow as a player, the more you will desire to stand out. All orders include: This premium guitar kit can provide you the convenience and simplicity of making an electric guitar. If there is none, you can always settle for the one that comes the closest. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker. Build your own DIY left-handed Ash body ST style guitar with a bolt-on neck and rosewood fretboard. But of course, there are a variety of considerations that you have to take whenever you are planning to make a DIY kit. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. Therefore, it is given already that what's in your mind greatly deviates with the standard guitar layouts that we have today. It is a user-friendly guitar kit that can pique anyone's interest. In the market today, the Saga TC-10 is among the most sought units. You want to build something unique, right? Any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker. But this doesn't change the fact that they are not "the only one in the world.". Free shipping to 100+ countries. Double cut build by Asher — Kinman P90HX pickups, Hipshot Baby Grand bridge! Stay safe –>, We offer more than 40 guitar kit body shapes. Specifically, the Jazz Style Guitar Kit offers maximum design versatility.

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