It is a funny coincidence but I had learned about Staub just a few hours before you emailed me. Also is the inner pot of the instant pot aluminium or stainless steel? ~Irina, Irina, thank you for all the research. And again, what are the safest cookware options? Just to clarify. Visions passes the test too. The above list DOES NOT include Nickel or its oxide as a constituent. What have you found about Pampered Chef’s stoneware? Is there lead in corningware? According to my blog readers, the Thermolon non-stick coating dissipates and the cookware stops acting as non-stick at some point. Eliot Fiks NC. Thank you. I am unable to find any info explaining how the high temperature tempering of glass may or may not render aluminum inert or so bonded together that it becomes “unleachable”. I have found more than just one review regarding your pots and pans having high amounts of lead (not just trace amounts) not just on the suspected bottom label, but on the inside as well. It may contribute to the body’s depletion of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron (source). I wish we made an Xtrema “Pure” ceramic slow cooker but the liability for electric appliances in this country would make the cost too high for the consumer. It’s specific heat capacity is nearly as high as cast iron. I will be looking forward to your experience with the clay pots and also any further information. I'd like to receive the free email course. Thank you. Hi All!, Hi Ginny, the surface is made of porcelain enamel, which means that there might be traces of lead or cadmium in it. What do you think about Mainstays brand stainless steel? Here is a full list. Secondly – would you consider the Black coloured enameled le creuset pans «safe»? With some very rare exceptions, the paint on the outside of both vintage Pyrex and vintage Corningware bowls and baking dishes will usually test positive for lead between 15,000 – 100,000 PPM lead. Prop 65 info (, Sounds good! Irina, did you ever test bone broth regarding the lead issue? Plus additional oxides and colorants depending on the product line being produced. This is a longer conversation that I am more than happy to have on a phone. Here it is. Is it non-toxic cookware? I was going to purchase Le Creuset. Just look in your pantry or your medicine cabinet. All of the Lagostina products meet the very strict standards set by California (Prop 65) which has the toughest regulation in North America regarding lead and other materials.”, So just like you wrote – they didn’t show me any test results or safety data sheet of chemicals used like I wanted but I think Lagostina Enameled cast iron is OK. Not more toxic than Le Creuset anyway. Hi, Eliot, the second link in the same paragraph should have more information. The test report shows that they comply with California Proposition 65. 2. Hi! Also interested in what you would recommend for a tea kettle… I currently use a stainless steel saucepan. , Hi, Zanete: It is hard for me to make an umbrella statement for the whole store of IKEA. That’s why it is important to educate yourself on what exactly leaches out of cookware, how much, what the alternatives are, what they leach, and what your body can tolerate and can’t. When I consult with my client, I help them figure out which cookware works for them based on their labs. Aluminum was fine. As for Prop. Hi Grace: thank you for stopping by. I also read another article (similar to yours, examining safe options for cookware) in which the author said she ended up with a damaged high-quality stainless pot, because it corroded from cooking broth in it. Hi everyone! Regards, I believe 316 stainless steel is the highest in nickel. A leaded wine glass in the family hutch is not giving off lead fumes and it will not be toxic until you put wine in the glass and do this for an extended period of time. As a rule of thumb, purchase quality products from reputable companies usually within the USA, Canada or a few other select countries. We use it, for example, for reheating some foods, for frying eggs and making pancakes. I just felt the need to point out how wrong your statement is. Both about being made in China, and the aluminum. The test of time IS very relevant. Just click HERE and pick your coach. I would love to learn what you find out. I need to know please. Corning® Pyroceram® glass-ceramic material is opaque, light gray in color, and has high strength, high elastic modulus, and uniform dielectric properties. You may ask Staub for test reports. Thank you for the info you’ve shared. In addition, we should take into consideration that aluminum is bioaccumulative, meaning that it accumulates in the body over time. Hi Irina, I agree about not having confidence in the company as well as they were very vague and took multiple attempts to answer me as too. These reactions may include dermatitis even when exposure amounts are under the established tolerable upper intake levels. ~Irina. It is a matter of knowing which substances are leached and finding cookware appropriate for your family needs. ~Irina. Prop. If your pans become scratched, be aware because they can leach metals (aluminum or copper) from their core. They are the safest cookware ever made around the world. I understand that Le Crueset and stainless steel are the healthiest cookware choices. I consider only their enameled cast iron cookware made in France as a better option. But the kettle looks beautiful and is free of lead and cadmium. Then, let’s say that a lab uses equipment to search for minimum detectable levels of the metal in the amount of 1 part per million (“ppm”). They are not always uniform conductors of heat depending on thickness of pan, etc. Are you curious to see the actual test reports? And my iron has been on a low side. Yet, Le Creuset is not free of controversy. My doctor says that she finds lead in most people; it just a matter of how much. Do not freak out! Proposition 65 requires the State to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. This assures the customer that the company is making safe products. I contacted Le Creuset and asked what their enamel is contain of and same as what you said, its Nitrates, Potash Agile, Aluminate, Bentonite and clay. “ENAMEL INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Lead itself is not dangerous if it isn’t ingested somehow. For me, I only store food in, or drink from glass. In 2017 Williams Sonoma was having a September sale, which happened to include some All-Clad products. We try to avoid all toxins and environmental pollutants. This metal leaches easily and in great amounts when exposed to acidic foods. The highest amount leached was only 18.1 micrograms per serving size of 126 grams, which is well below the 67-microgram threshold for nickel-sensitive people (1). That is what I thought. They are however made in China. Anyway, we should not forget that toxins are pretty much everywhere but our bodies also have a built in detox mechanism. Thank you so much, Irina, for all the work you put in to researching and sharing this life enhancing information. I have also read all your posts on Tamara Rubin’s blog and you went from being very open about the tests to being defensive and even attack other brands or products made from metals in the span of a few weeks. Has anyone ever looked at the Saladmaster Cookwares? 18/10 indicates it is 18% chromium and 10% nickel. 2. Thank you! Thanks! I guess I am not completely sure what the standards are for Prop 65, but I am assuming they are quite strict, and that if cookware passes the Prop 65 standards it is considered very safe? Thank you, Sharon. I ended buying an Instant Pot that has a slow cooker setting, too: ~Irina. I was approached by a direct sales representative and she was unable to provide me with any information about the metal composition or even if it is a type of stainless steel. Thanks! What about the GMO’s in the soy used by Lodge to season their cast iron? 65 limits. Would these be an ok alternative since many of their stainless pots have an aluminum core? What are enamel coatings in other companies cookware made of? In the late 1990s, CorningWare was sold to World Kitchen, which started to make the cookware only out of ceramic. They did not instill a lot of confidence in me to buy their products. Hi, after so much research on healthy cookware i came across Solidteknics, has anybody else used this cookware?

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