The wind was whipping around smoke and embers. If you’re celebrating the Fourth of July in Colorado this year, there are various places to see the most awe-inspiring displays in the beautiful state. The race starts at the base of the gondola in Telluride and finishes at the top of the ridge near the San Sophia gondola mid-station. Check the details and the websites of event organizers for more information. A stone chimney and some rubble is all that’s left of a home in the Sun Valley subdivision near Grand Lake, Colorado on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020. Besides the pyrotechnic display, Grand Lake town offers many fun activities during its annual celebration. Other evacuees who spoke to The Sun described similar experiences. Tickets typically start at $10 for adults and $4 for children ages 6 to 12. Grand Lake might have one of the few remaining Fourth of July fireworks show in Colorado’s mountains, but whether it goes off this year remains in question. We will get through this together.”. The Firecracker 50 Mountain Bike Race challenges riders with all types of difficult terrain. A bar is open at the lawn from 5 pm to 9 pm. After a day of adrenaline, you’ll be ready to relax under the stars for Elitch Gardens’ fireworks display when the park closes after dark. Flaming piles of debris illuminating the bones of houses that had been destroyed. “By the time our engines got to the area, they couldn’t get in,” White said, calling the fire behavior “pretty chaotic.”. The final tally of the East Troublesome fire’s destruction is still pending. “This is looking pretty spicy from my vantage point,” Becker told him. From wild flowers to 4th of July fireworks, from charming sunrises to Independence Day parades, you'll find bursts of color along every Main Street and on every trail. The East Troublesome fire was substantially slowed down last week after quickly becoming on of the largest wildfires in Colorado history overnight. Fireworks aside, Grand Lake in the summer is hard to top. The East Troublesome fire was substantially slowed down last week after quickly becoming on of the largest wildfires in Colorado history overnight. Transformers were exploding, lighting up the sky with bright, terrifying flashes. Several loggers reported they were trapped behind flames and that their vehicle was on fire. In the evening, thousands of people gather to watch the fireworks show and laser show over the iconic County Building. Colorado River Trail to Lulu City 3.7 miles to City Site; East Shore Trail Along Shadow Mountain Reservoir 2.7 miles to Shadow Mountain Dam; East Shore Trail to the Historic Lookout Tower on Shadow Mountain 5.2 miles (one-way) Monarch Lake 4.2 Miles to Complete Loop; North Inlet to Cascade Falls 3.4 Miles to Cascade Falls; Strawberry Lake Trail 1.7 Miles to Lake (one-way) Lakes & Rivers. “There was a good sense of ‘You’re doing a lot of good work.’ Then one you thought you’d saved would cook off right behind you.”. The live music on the patriotic stage usually starts at 5 p.m. on July 3, and guests enjoy the craft beer and wine bars as well as food trucks. The accounts provided to The Sun reveal just how dire the situation became within a short span, and just how narrowly many people and homes escaped death and destruction. She is the head writer and editor for He drove a front-end loader to clear debris from roadways so that firefighters could get through. Leave immediately,’” he said. Check the city's website for updates. Some worked 24 hours straight before taking a short break to catch some sleep. Support independent, Colorado-owned journalism by joining The Colorado Sun. After getting enough rest to be able to function again — one firefighter said he could barely climb in and out of his truck — they headed back out to battle the flames. The fire was so intense that Mayer was forced to flee along with scores of civilians and other first responders as the inferno — perhaps the fastest-moving in Colorado history — made its initial pass through the high-altitude vacation community of Grand Lake. This event is being postponed until later in the year. Besides, you can enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park that offers hiking, fishing, camping, and much more. For a wild spin on Independence Day, get your rush on the thrilling rides at Denver’s favorite amusement park. Visitors staying in Rocky Mountain National Park over Independence Day won’t be disappointed. Crews rendezvoused at Stillwater Community Chapel on U.S. 34 southwest of Grand Lake — far enough from the firestorm and close enough to Lake Granby to feel safe.

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