Despite significant preservation challenges, Philadelphia continues to be a city that is not only worth saving, but that should be protected for the future. Chester Avenue and West 45th Street in West Philadelphia, Once a quiet village resting along the banks of the Schuylkill River, Manayunk’s industrial boom began when the Schuylkill Navigation Company completed the Manayunk Canal in 1818. Manayunk’s labor conditions, however, were subpar for most workers who came to the area, and the neighborhood faced strikes and worker uprisings throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Developing around the Schuylkill and Wissahickon Creek waterways, and later Fairmount Park, the Northwest expanded and changed with the advent ⇒ Read More, The Octavia Hill Association of Philadelphia was founded in 1896 to provide clean dwellings at reasonable rents to some of the city’s poorest residents, who were often exploited by profit-hungry landlords. Commuter trains connected middle-class homes ⇒ Read More, The Consolidation Act of 1854 extended Philadelphia’s territory from the two-square-mile “city proper” founded by William Penn to nearly 130 square miles, making the municipal borders coterminous with Philadelphia County and turning the metropolis into the largest in extent in the nation, a position it held until Chicago leapt ahead in 1889. Rather than operating under large corporations, Manayunk’s mills were often family-owned, allowing for greater flexibility in production and investment. The city is considered a veritable almanac of American history in its wide architectural spectrum and in its diverse range of stories. Cherise Wynne is a leading real estate agent in Philadelphia, helping home buyers and sellers navigate the City of Brotherly Love, with a special focus on first time home buyers. According to Wikipedia, there are over 31 distinct communities in South Philly; however, some of the most recognized names for specific areas include: The Indian name Passyunk appears 3 times; other spellings that may be found in historian records include: Perslajingh, Passayunk, Passyonck, Passajon, Passajungh, Passaming and paisajungh. The Philadelphia City Archive is one of the country's largest municipal archives, with about 2 million photographs, dating from the late 1800's. Although American troops were defeated by the British—whose soldiers were occupying Germantown at the time—some historians consider the battle a victory, as it proved American sovereignty to the French. The Historic District, spanning from the Delaware River to 7th Street and from Vine Street to Lombard Street, is rich in history — after all, this was the heart of Philadelphia’s original city. Despite the area’s vibrant ⇒ Read More, Public bathing became a civil and social imperative in the Philadelphia region and elsewhere in the United States during the second half of the nineteenth century. Developing into expansive complexes that often ⇒ Read More, Lining Philadelphia’s straight, gridiron streets, the row house defines the vernacular architecture of the city and reflects the ambitions of the people who built and lived there. In my own humble opinion, it’s also the best place to find the best cheesesteaks, Italian food, some of the best bakeries around (yum, desserts). Yet, Southwest Philadelphia, often described as “far” Southwest, is quite possibly the least-known area of the city, even to Philadelphians. It often includes: A narrative that describes the district’s historic significance. Nomination and inventory for the proposed Automobile Row thematic historic district. Without improved preservation methods contributing to a healthier and more sustainable city, large sectors of Philadelphia will remain vulnerable in the future. Nomination, inventory, and boundary map for the proposed 3611-31 Spring Garden Street historic district. Visitors can tour the Liberty Bell Center for free year-round.

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