A word of warning: neither the motor, controller, Nextion display, charger or battery came with a shred of documentation. Maybe you’re preparing for a long-term emergency and want to generate your own power if the grid gets wiped out.. Maybe you’re living in a cabin in the wilderness, sustained by the land, supported by Mother Nature.. Perhaps you dream of off-grid independence and self-reliance. That said, the motor was forward-speed only, with no clutch. 3. 3. Likewise battery packs at 48V were more numerous. But I am single (hard to believe I know!) For most people, building your own electric outboard motor is unnecessary, time consuming, and may well result in a product that is both inferior to, and more expensive than a new commercial electric outboard. MacMotor also sent me a speed controller, although that later proved to be less than spectacular and I had to replace it with a larger model. I had the rough design in my head after an evening of research online. To connect the motor to the driveshaft I asked a friend with a lathe to turn down the end of the approx 11mm spline and put an 8mm thread on it. A 1kWh lithium battery is roughly 20Ah at 48V – about the same amount of energy held in an 80Ah car battery at a quarter of the weight. This connection needs to be secure and accurate. That said, the better equipped your workshop the better the finished product is going to be and, in addition, costs will reduce because I had to have a few parts manufactured that could be made at home in a good enough workshop. Based in Scotland, Olly enjoys the outdoors, promoting science and engineering at local schools, and running his own consultancy company, Moose Pyll Engineering. A 68 Mustang Fastback makes the perfect DIY electric car. There are various battery packs on ebay and Alibaba. Basically, electric conversion involves removing the entire internal combustion engine from a vehicle, installing an electric motor in its place, and also adding a large bank of batteries. This should not daunt you as they are easily available. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, How I designed and built my own 24ft sloop in steel, How to make your own hammock or cockpit tent from a simple tarpaulin, How to contain the mess when you’re scraping antifouling. To embark on a project like this requires a basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics, but should be within reach of most practical people with a willingness to learn. Science Physical Science. It is possible to make an electric motor go backwards as well as forwards but be cautious doing this on an engine which originally had no reverse because the gears won’t be designed to operate backwards and there won’t be a thrust bearing to keep cogs in check. This electric motor is fairly simple to build and uses materials that you can probably find around the house. Olly Epsom is a chartered engineer specialising in renewable energy, particularly wave power. This will give you something solid to wrap your coil around. I measured up all mounting holes on top of the engine, and the mounting holes on the electric motor, and sketched up a suitable transition plate on the free online CAD software Onshape. I decided on a brushless DC motor because they are generally reliable and don’t require maintenance of brushes. Now is the moment of truth. The voltages are low enough that they should not present an electrocution risk but take all appropriate precautions when working with electricity and moving mechanical parts. What started as an idea to produce our own simple, fun, affordable electric vehicle has evolved into a DIY project easily assembled by nearly anyone. The battery would be separately mounted and connected via flexible electric cable. If you’ve been paying attention over the last few years, that image may be highlighted by a sleek luxury car that costs as much as your house. Suddenly rowing may seem less of a hardship! (The DC motor you made is only able to spin in one direction because its direction is determined by the poles of the permanent magnet. Readers and experts throughout every issue of PBO. This month we get aboard three new outboard-powered day boats – inland and coastal – plus we deconstruct the calculations that define the limits of your sailing boat's performance. This will bring the total budget to around £500-£600. Usually red and black (5V and ground) and green, yellow and blue (which take the signals from the three hall sensors in the motor).

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