I was recommended pb2 by a friend who runs 5k’s and counts calories and eats healthy. You said that Almond Butter has more than twice the amount of magnesium of peanut butter. This stuff is amazing, and I'm actually looking forward to this week's chicken tender night instead of dreading it like I used to. Plain Greek yogurt can be hard to swallow...literally! In an ideal world, people at their proper weight might do well to follow the sentiments in this article. Why refrigerate peanut (nut) butter? PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, made by squeezing natural oils out of the peanut and then dehydrating what’s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is removed from the peanut. I have been trying to cut back on artificial sweeteners too, so I eat my yogurt plain most of the time, but I have found a few things that can make it taste much better without the added sugar. This worked really well! I also understand your aversion to processed foods, however, perhaps, for the sake of us dieters out there we should also look at nutritional value per calorie as an additional data point. One of my favorite treats is just a tablespoon of peanut butter! Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. And I would use coconut oil,Which I love, to replace the fats that were removed. I like to mix this with a little PB2...Chocolate and peanut butter...brilliant! (Don’t Let It, Here’s Why! Each of us must pick our most important battles to fight and enjoy life as best we can. yeah this company has an “All Natural” version which basically is just a way of saying “This is made from non special Almonds!” Its not contradicting, just marketing. It felt good to eat foods that tasted great while knowing that I was making a healthier choice for my body at the same time. Once they achieve that goal, they can fine tune their diet with regard to organics and non-gmo foods. They have to add a mixture of sugar and salt into the powder to make it taste better without the fat. I swear! For dieters, portion control and hunger urges are big challenges. PB2 on its own tastes OK, it's like a pixie-stick version of peanut butter, but the powder does not melt in your mouth like the competition. I have made my own almond butter and I love it, maybe that can help the cost? They are simply not the same product. Everyone is crazy for Greek and Icelandic yogurts right now, since they are a great source of protein, but let's face it, unsweetened plain yogurt is not easy for most people to eat. I bought it because it was on sale at such a great price,And I thought it could have certain Advantages, and I miss the taste of peanut butter.I wish the better alternatives were so well priced.But setting aside that, Somewhat agree with most of her points, but need more details before I trash it completely . My friend help me keep the high cost of organic GMO free food into perspective. PB2 has an added boost of protein and is low in fat. And, any other stuff they are saying… When it does have to do with the soil and how close together they are planted. Just wanted to let all of you out there know that the manufacturer of the Protein Plus peanut flour is the same as the maker of PB2. I just bought a jar of Betty Louis’s organic powdered peanut butter http://www.bettylousinc.com/products_detail.php?id=287&ref=0 Thank you. For what it is worth if I had to restrict my peanut butter consumption I might give this a try but, who knows. You just do your best to select well and don’t waste your life about worrying about risks (including the specious organic versus non-organic arguments) that are truly minuscule – statistically speaking. Used pb2 peanut butter to set my catch and release tubes traps for mice in my house there are perforated holes to keep them alive and I used it successfully. While the kids we unimpressed, my partner and I couldn't get enough. WAIT!! I compared eating a spoonful of creamy peanut butter to PB2, and instantly regretted it. You know what you can do – wash it. It would profit all of you immensely to consider the Phytic Acid content of both the almond and the peanut (almond has 50% more). Expensive but delicious. 99% sure pb2 was causing my skin condition, perioral dermatitis It is somewhat different from PB2 in its ingredient list and is has been listed by an earlier commenter. In fact, the powder is very easy to accidentally inhale, which led to a coughing fit that took a giant glass of water to stop. oz.) Once I start eating it, I never want to stop. If you could shed some light on this what would be great! You follow the owners manual and use the right engineered oils and gas for your car but look for the magic pill for our own bodies. However, it’s ALMOST twice the amount of magnesium of Peanut Butter. Peanut growing is much easier on the environment, too! Let’s take this in another direction. I think my time is better spent figuring out the right microwave settings to melt it rather than inhaling powdered mixture by accident again and again and again. But, with so many of my friends being vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and or gluten free I have to have alternatives when baking, or throwing a dinner party to be a gracious host to provide delectable treats for everyone. Feel free to experiment! That’s not to mention the fact that PBFit is really not that bad for you, especially since most people only have a serving or two a day. This means we have limited choices when seeking out the health benefits of nuts. Has anyone else tried Trader Joe’s Sunflower Nut Butter? Hey there! However, for many, obesity is certainly the bigger threat than the notion of organics or completely unmodified products. I found this product while healing from weight loss surgery.

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