I recommend trying these methods only if you have been writing and publishing for at least 3 months. Gather 2 testimonials. You should also consider your theme when planning your delivery method and program length. communities from their financial coaching programs. So he spent a few days quickly growing his list. This is a powerful motivational tool and they'll be far more likely to actually do the work so they don't feel like it's money down the drain. • If you are selling a coaching program for parents, they are probably hanging out in mom / dad/ parenting groups. Video recording of the call for the client to review any time, 3. Every Facebook group has it’s own rules, and a lot of them won’t allow your self-promotion. One thing I do ensure happens during a coaching programme is that time is taken out to stand back and review progress with my coachees and check whether any outcomes identified at the beginning of the programme are being met. Action Item #4: Follow up immediately with every client who signs up for your program. Here is a snapshot of an older version of our onboarding survey: Your Action Items:  Your use of our services is subject to these revised terms which give you more control and protection over your data. Most group coaching programs are 6 months long and many are even a year-long or more. Log into your Google Analytics account and look up your traffic the past 12 months. 3. I do place an emphasis on values, helping clients understand what is important to them so usually my programmes of coaching do include fairly early on a values elicitation and some exploration of underlying beliefs so clients have a really firm foundation for making decisions and taking action. 2. Here is the basic script you can use for that: Hope the big conference went well last weekend. I’m really excited about doing this and definitely am moving forward. Response #2: Light response – For people that respond, but don’t give you much feedback, slow play them. The cool part is, that without even asking, you’ll get a very good sense of someone’s interest level based on their response to this message. Unlimited priority email access to me and the Videofruit team to answer any questions the client has, 5. If you're coaching groups with less than 10 members, you could have people pick one accountability partner or offer to match members up with each other. Have you experienced group coaching as a client? A few months ago Matt was completely starting from scratch, no email list, no website…nothing. Anything you’d add/takeaway? Once your clients sign up for your coaching program, you can use this free software to ask introductory questions. • Once a week I’d have a 30min call with each person in the program
 Some groups allow promotion on certain days or on certain promo threads. Joanne on July 20, 2015 at 10:49 pm . It’s obvious how powerful they really are! You want them to be invested in it. Your Action Item: Decide on the format and structure of your coaching program. Kay. This is a good amount of time to really see the big results from working with me. However, sometimes this awareness may be achieved naturally without any particular need for a dedicated session. on How to quickly start a coaching program that makes $500 an hour, Partnership Marketing 101: How to Book Your First Partnership, How to Build an Email List: A Proven System for Getting 1,000+ Subscribers, How to Create a Sales Funnel That Automates Your Business, How to Get Booked on Podcasts That Drive Your Online Course or Coaching Sales, The #1 Thing a Digital Marketing Coach Should Give You. You need to ignore 90% of the actual advice you get, but the valuable part of this step is getting those closest to you to invest in you by helping you. A lot of time I write articles like this, and out of the of all of the people that read them no one actually takes action. Anyone that gives you enthusiastic response and support, focus on them! How do you create a digital version of your coaching program for scale, without losing touch with your clients? • Video recordings of your calls? Don’t overthink this step: You can always change your mind later. When I asked her to give a short testimonial, she was happy to. Did you think it was too short, too long or just right? I really thought about our conversation last week a lot and how much I need to be doing what you’ve done. 5-7 days at least before following up. Before you can sell anything, you have to be able to show people how the thing you are selling will make their life better. 1. Nobody local! Try it out for a week or two, see if my clients is getting awesome results and if I’m enjoying it. Just know when and where you can post about your program so you don’t get kicked out of the group. Our coaching program includes the following: 2. Your Action Items: I recommend starting out on the lower end with your pricing so you can answer a few important questions first: Question #1: Do I actually enjoy coaching? If you don’t have success stories, ask for them. Not sure if you’d be up for this but I had an idea…. Partners are responsible for checking in on each other's progress. • Your Instagram followers
 Step #3: Collect 2 stories from people you’ve helped. • If you are selling a coaching program to increase business sales, they are probably hanging out in entrepreneurial groups. Three more people signed up within hours of that second email. Some coaches run a set programme of say 12 sessions, over 6 months that cover pre-planned topics for example: understanding values, exploring beliefs, defining a personal purpose, goal setting etc. Having a limited number of slots in the program as well as a closing date gives you two strong pieces of urgency to use (if you don’t immediately sell out spaces). Now it’s time to launch your coaching program. I had never formally pitched my services to my list.

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