This is my second time ordering from your company and I love the service and quality products. I started showing white/gray hair in my mid 20’s. ✓ Weigh the amount of indigo according to the volume and length of your hair. The plant : Indigofera tinctoria L. is a shrub of 60 cm high. My hair also feels healthier and has more body and shine. It enhances and brightens brown and black hair, Its purplish shades help you obtain a dark violet brown hair color. But I learned from Rozalia how to use it again next time. Technical missions – consultancy & expertise, Textile services – Colour fastness & lightfastness tests, Documentation on plants & natural ingredients, A natural Indigo prepared from fresh leaves of (, © Copyright - GREEN'ING 2020 | All rights reserved, Preparation of indigo vats & dyeing instructions, advanced information on indigo natural vats. I am a customer for life. Everything is great. Thank you so much for making this a global business I will be a life long customer <3, I am blessed to have found your company, my order arrived so fast with everything wrapped beautifully. Excellent natural product to cover my increasing greys. Indigo Powder For Hair Growth: Light Brown -->> 50% cassia  + 25% lawsonia + 25% katam, Medium Brown -->> 25% cassia + 25% lawsonia + 50% katam. It was because I leave the henna on to long I had them on each for about 4 or 5 hrs. However, it is only pure Indigo powder derived from Indigofera Tinctoria that remains best suited for hair as a natural hair dye. Its constant use on damaged, weak or thin hair, strengthens the hair leaving it voluminous, shiny & healthier looking with gorgeous, unique shades. This indigo is manufactured in India from traditional productions. :-), Very easy to use and finally grays are covered. The powders are surprasingly fine milled. I’m getting the same products I have for years and I have the same review I love them! Other uses : cabinetmaking, ink. Great product. Indigo Hair Benefits: 1. ***************************************************************************************, Thankyou so much! is the natural hair dye that helps you enhance brown or black hair and cover white/gray hair naturally (when mixed with red henna) obtaining different shades of brown, from light brown to dark brown or a dark blu brown hair color thanks to its bluish shades. Seasonally harvested and triple sifted, it has the baby powder consistency. It looks like after salon treatment. Indigo Powder For Premature Greying Of The Hair: Close the bag tightly after use. Indigofera tinctoria L. distinguishes itself, in particular of Indigofera suffruticosa Mill., by its foliage of a more greyish green and by its straight pods. Get ready for the compliments! For any info or doubt you may have send us an email. 1 hour for red under the heat cap or hair dryer and 1 1/2 hr for katam with heat as well and that shorten my origin time do do all the colors the same day as apposed to how I did it the first time that had my scalp itching like crazy. Indigofera tinctoria L. is a shrub of 60 cm high. thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties: resulting in a 100% natural beauty treatment for all hair types but particularly indicated for damaged, thin, flat hair. But next time I will do what Rozalia says with shorter time and use proper heat that I did bout use last time. ✓  Cover your head with transparent plastic wrap. Check the Shipping Costs Page for detailed shipping costs. Product in powder form. My true ashy brown with golden highlights is back! Will never go back to chemicals. Mixing it with lawsonia inermis you may obtain different shades of brown hair, from light brown to dark chocolate or gorgeous deep coffee brown tones. Dry and powder some neelayamari leaves. Use it alone or mixing it with other powdered herbs. Uses … It has dark green leaves and pinkish violet flowers. Collect some neelayamari leaves and crush them. Have been using katam, indigo and Lawsonia for almost a year. I used 2 steps red one day Katam the next. No white hair. Every final color you shall obtain is subject to: The Black Henna (orIndigo Indigofera Tinctoria), delicate and gentle natural hair dye on your scalp and on your hair, is the natural alternative to the chemical hair dyes. :-), I use it combined with Natural Protective, Strengthening, Anti-Frizz Hair Elixir Spray I plan to do another treatment this weekend (4 weeks from my first try). Today most dye is synthetic, but natural dye from I. tinctoria is still available, marketed as natural coloring where it is known as tarum in Indonesia and nila in Malaysia. I use it combined with Natural Anti Frizz Moisturizing Hair Spray Very pleased! Keep out of the reach of children. Indigo powder has amazing hair benefits and is got by powdering the leaves of indigo plant whose botanical name is Indigofera Tinctoria… 10 Neelayamari (Indigofera Tinctoria) Benefits Glowing Skin. It worked out so wonderfully!! Red henna first to cover my grays and then the next day I go over it with katam. I know it gonna work fantastic. Subscribe to join our 3215+ subscribers! Also her descriptive video tutorials and blogs gave me the confidence to know how to use the products and how to mix and apply. The related I. aspalathoides has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory activity.Amala Bhaskar 1982 A systematic review of alternative therapies for psoriasis found reasonable evidence to support a recommendation o… by natural fermentation process. Hair fall has decreased and I'm very happy with hair health! I want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart :) Rozalia has guided me through the entire process many times answering my silly questions and alleviating my fears. Other uses : cabinetmaking, ink. If you cannot find your country in the shipping countries list, pls contact us directly at to send you a shipping quotation. I am now in my 40’s this have a lot of white/gray, that is really significant, especially on the most noticeable areas... on the frame of my face. This shrub is of two varieties namely small and long, both of which are used. Once you add the water, it becomes creamy and easy to apply. Lovely quality and great for my hair. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make ALWAYS a test on a hidden strand of hair, prior to dyeing your hair. It is known as Indigo in English, Neeli chetu in Telugu, Neelam in Tamil, and Neel in Hindi. A natural Indigo prepared from fresh leaves of (Indigofera tinctoriaL.) From the first time I used it I could see the difference: my thick frizzy hair became silky and easy menagable. I just bought another one. ✓ Do a last hair rinse using cold water & vinegar for shiny & soft hair. I feel I need more Lawsonia in the first try to cover the whites. Thank you, delighted with the organic henna and indigo. In a pan, add water and bring to boil. Its origin is not well known.It could be situated in India. Its area was doubtless widened by the culture for the obtaining of indigo, followed by its naturalization. It looks like after salon treatment. The way I use it :generously spray directly on hair Natural Anti Frizz Moisturizing Hair Spray first (on wet hair) and after natural hair drying I apply (generously again) Natural Protective, Strengthening, Anti-Frizz Hair Elixir Spray - I spray it on my palm then rub my palms and distibute it all over my hair and than styling with straightening electrical brush. It has been naturalized to tropical and temperate Asia, as well as parts of Africa, but its native habitat is unknown since it has been in cultivation worldwide for many centuries. For the delivery and the katam +lawsonia+cassia, I just finished the 2 steps process and it looks very good.

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