Loosie Goofy— This funny nickname is for the crazy sisters. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Brooklyn Accent— This one is for the sisters who love to change their talking style and try new accents. Sweetener— With this cute nickname, you can tell your sister that she is the reason of sweetness and comforts in your life. In this article, we have listed more than 300 nicknames to call your sis. Jiejie—In Chinese, older sisters are called like this. ing , champs v. tr. Pastry— If she is cute and you love your little sis, then I recommend this one for you. Sis cum Mum— Have you ever heard sofa cum couch. Teasers— She is the teasing part of your life. Baby Bear— A sweet and cute nickname for a little sis who is fat. Choose a nickname that suits her personality. Scooby— A sweet nickname for your baby sister. Freemale— This one is for a sis who has a bad temper. In the same way, nicknames for the sis are also a way to show your love for them. Chunky— For a sweet but naughty little sister. Chutki—In India, younger sisters are called like this. If you have a fat sister with the name “Lisa”, then you may not get any other best nickname. Fat hen— Taunt her in a different way and call her fat hen. Big cake— A sweet and funny nickname for your elder sister. Vibgyor— It is a cool one for the youngest sis who has brought colors to your family. Boredumb— This one is really funny for the bore and dumb girls. Lisa Obese—a— I just love this funny rhyme. Choose a one which annoys her at the highest level. Darling— An overused nickname for the sisters. (As my sister calls me like this). Jupiter— It has some deep and hot meanings. Come up with a nickname that is related to any of her hobby. Gem hearts— A cool nickname for the sister who has a special place in your heart. Elephant— It is also a commonly used nickname for the sisters. Squirrely Girlie— If you have a sis who has two bulged teeth, then I think this is the funniest nickname for her. Red Cheeks— It is also a cute one for your little younger sisters. Septic— For a sister who always have some flu and coughing. Observe her for some days and find out a phrase which she repeats a lot. Whatever you do, don't call them a fucking weeb; it … Racoon Godzilla— If you have a tall and thin sis with extremely uneven teeth, then we suggest this funny nickname for her. Blue eyes— A cute and simple nickname for a sister having adorable blue eyes. Funny honey— It is a cute nickname for a sweet and funny sister. Big potato— Tease your big sister with this nickname. To work the jaws and teeth vigorously. Starved— If she thinks she looks gorgeous and not skinny, then you should begin to call her Starved. Kit Kat— If your sis is sweet and crunchy, and then you can choose this nickname for her. Second Mum— It suits those older sisters who act like mum. Be clear and insult her when she fights with you. Cat Claws— This one is for a sister who is ready to fight. Weird worm— For a short and weird sister. Rapunzel— If your sis has long and beautiful hairs and if you admire her beauty, then you should call her Rapunzel. Double trouble— This one is for a trouble creator sister. Baby Cut— If you have a sister with fringes on her forehead, then the baby cut is the best one for your sister. Rella— It is a short nickname in Italian, which have derived from Sorella. House shrew— A typical funny nickname for the crazy and short sisters. Monica— It is a fierce nickname for the bossy older sisters. Useless Edition— This name is to tell her that you don’t need her. Bear sister— It is cute blend of two words and suitable for a sister who has cute cheeks and innocent smile. Loudmouth— It is for a crazy sister who talks loudly and talks a lot. Lesser version of a weeaboo. Send us feedback. Firstly, I will share some tips on how to get a nice nickname for your sis. Pyramid— This is just an awesome nickname to annoy your sis at the highest level. Choose a one that is related to her likes? Behna— It is a common Indian nickname to refer sisters. (Call her like this if you are jealous with her height :P). Emerald— A cool nickname for a sister who is really precious to you. Bambi sis— For a thin sis who looks cool in that way. Either you are a brother or a girl; every nickname will strengthen your bond of love and friendship. Psycho patient— A blunt and offensive name to call your sister. Blabbermouth— This nickname can be used to insult a sister who never keeps your secrets. Sugar— It is a cool nickname for a sweet sister. Candy— It is also a short and cute name to call your little sisters. Lil’ Bits— With this one, you can tell her that she is smaller than you. Find out a name for any cartoon or TV Character which she resembles. Phantom— It is a cute one to annoy your little sister. Buttons — A cute and short nickname for the small sisters. Nikki— In Hindi, it is used for the small sisters. Cherry— Cherry is also a cute and common nickname for little adorable sisters. Peaches— It is also a common nickname for a sweet sister. Dunkin Donuts— For a sweet little sis, who is fond of Donuts. Apya— In Urdu, elder sisters are called with this nick. Cheeky— It is also a common one for the sister with cute cheeks. Daisy— This sweet nickname is for an elder sister who is beautiful and has a sweet nature. It can be a good one for your little sister. Copy paste— If she resembles you a lot, then why not to call her copy paste? Learn to code at home. Little Mary— It is for a little, cute, innocent, and pure girl. If you have a one, then you are the luckiest. Priss— A cool nickname for a short and smart sis. Cutie pie— It is another cute nickname for an adorable sister. Dynamite— For your little sister who creates mess. Ugly Witch— If she is proud of her beauty, and then you must call her ugly witch in front of her friends. Jelly belly— It is cute one but you can also use this nickname to annoy her. Melodrama— Another cute nickname for an emotional sister. Sasha— A sweet nickname for a short little sis. Messy— For the sister who creates a lot of clutters.

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