It makes me wonder: Do the Portuguese feel about this flavored Spam the way true Italians feel about Olive Garden? The toffee chunks just aren’t buttery enough; they taste mostly of sugar. But if you think you're a Spam aficionado, you haven't yet lived until you give Spam with Portuguese Sausage Seasoning a whirl. To make a 1998 Bulls analogy — Jordan and Pippen are like the two ice creams. Judge rejects plea by restaurant group to block L.A. County ban on outdoor dining. Instead, it tastes like Spam Classic with sugar added to it and a tiny sprinkle of soy sauce. To pretend that there is anything approaching moral equivalency between Joe Biden and Donald Trump represents an appalling failure to exercise ethical judgment. Kitchen sink? This one has nice plump nuts scattered throughout, but the flavor of the ice cream proper is off. The choice of laying the toppings down in a field of brown sugar ice cream was an inspired one; it gives the pint a lovely, slightly caramelized quality. His namesake ice cream, while good, does the same: It’s trying to be too much to too many people. Regardless of the taste, I fundamentally hate this concept. What arrived had expired in 2017 and smelled “like when you go to the bathroom,” she said. I’m not much of a cookie dough guy, but I can’t deny the greatness of this ice cream. Review: This tasted like whatever the Spam-factory version of liquid smoke is, and it was overpowering. While Phish never really clicked with me, this ice cream certainly does. All you need to do is fry it up, put it on top of a bed of rice, and consider adding an egg. The woman got a year’s supply of ice cream in thanks. Caramel and chocolate will make anything taste good, but the cheesecake, the ostensible star of the show, needs to step more into the spotlight. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Did you come to play? These high hopes diminished slightly after actually looking at the Spam out of its can. Here's what it was like trying and ranking all 15 flavors of Spam. Inoffensive and, in theory, a totally fun and charming ice cream flavor. A surprise flavor rounding out the top ten: Good old, plain-ass vanilla. It might take three or four sandwiches before you can really learn to enjoy it. The salted caramel could be a little more salty, but it goes nicely with the sweet cream ice cream and chewy blondie bits. Other times, it's missing the bacon flavor completely and it tastes like a more muted version of Spam Classic. On your first bite you'll be able to tell right away if you were lucky and got a can with a sufficient amount of bacon flavoring. First, slice the Spam lengthwise and make the slices as thin as possible. Just... tone it down a little, dude. This doesn't seem like a great compromise. It's not exactly designed to be a low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium dish. The difference is small but essential and will make you want to slide right into your favorite pair of sweatpants. The texture, as long as you don't heat it, is different from Spam Classic's texture but it's totally fine. Then again, don't be surprised if Mittens refuses to eat it. First impression: Hickory smoke doesn't really interest me as a flavor — but there's no reason this shouldn't taste decent. Many times, that in and of itself can make the difference between hackneyed character and something truly worthy of a self-taped audition. That said, I've spent my whole life watching professional grillers on the Food Network try to tell me how to "seal in the smoky flavor," and this can of Spam delivered in that respect. By far the most stoner-y of the line-up. Albert Bañuelos was slowly growing his restaurant business, and 2020 was set to be his best year yet. Interestingly, Spam Hot and Spicy also contains chicken. When you get Spam with Tocino Seasoning out of the can, you may be surprised by the fact that it's red. Marketed as, “A cold mess of chocolate ice cream with fudge chips and crunchy potato chip swirls,” the guys took a slight gamble on this flavor that largely pays off. As a result, the taste ranges from mild to really, really peppery. Review: I'm a little disappointed that the flavors didn't blend together that well, but I still enjoyed this variety. If you want to make a Spam burrito inspired by Mexican cuisine, this is a good choice. Review: This was far and away the hottest flavor. One of the OG flavors, Cherry Garcia is still one of the best. Do China’s claims of coronavirus on frozen food stack up? It tasted like a real sausage. Maybe I hyped it up too much? since. It tastes a little like almond extract. It doesn't make any sense. It’s sandy and pasty like a Clif Bar, with the density and distressing flavor to match. We’re dealing with ice cream only for the purposes of these rankings, folks — nothing “lite,” no fro-yo, and none of your fancy nut milks.

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