potential application of CRISPR/Cas-based approaches in available whole cotton Induced mutation analysis with biochemical and molecular characterization of high yielding lentil mutant lines. J Cytol Genet 3:80–89, Sinha SSN, Godward MBE (1972) Radiation studies in Lens culinaris. culinaris) is one of the oldest cultivated plants that originated from L. culinaris Medik.ssp. Data were recorded for primary branches per plant, secondary branches per plant, pods per plant, plant height, days to 90 % maturity and grain yield. Variance in each selected individual line contributed to its high value. This chapter provides an overview on present status of lentil genetic improvement and summarizes the various important aspects of lentil diversity, cytogenetic and breeding. (x) Multiple pods per peduncle. Plant Sci. Belele et al. maleic hydrazide. volume 71, pages820–825(1986)Cite this article. Origin, domestication and evolution In: Webb C, Hawtin GC, editors. - Continuing to use www.cabdirect.org Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, 176062, Palampur, India, You can also search for this author in This suggested that the employed EMS and DES LC 50 treatments had created a range of genetic variations through random mutations affecting expression of different quantitative traits in the maize variety. Principal components analysis (PCA) supported by cluster analysis was used to analyze the variability among the genotypes based on agro-morphological traits. Genetic improvement of crops for qualitative and quantitative traits. in cv. Line BD74-222 had the height plant height and BD74-165 had the least. The observed populations. The character association studies clearly showed that the significant. The phylogenetic relationships among the popu-, ) for both the cultivars. PCA distinguished the traits into six PCs. ].Induced mutations technology, over the past decades, ) using different treatments of physical mutagen (gamma, ], which is based on the difference between fresh weight and dry. Assessment on induced genetic variability and divergence in the mutagenized lentil populations of microsperma and macrosperma cultivars developed using physical and chemical mutagenesis PLoS One. Pant L 406, respectively. In, South Asia, mean yield of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Pakistan averaging 914, 857, 652 and, 567 kg/ha, respectively is significantly below the world average of 936 kg/ha [, cultural land is shrinking day by day in these regions due to high population growth, there is, an urgent need to break the key yield constraints, specifically low-yielding, from India exhibits least genetic variability among lentil-producing countries. 2011; 5, cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. PhD Thesis, Indian Agric Res Inst, New Delhi, Sahai S (1974) Cytogenetic, mutational and seed protein analysis of some pulse materials. Activity of nitrate reductase (nR) and content of chlorophyll, carotenoid, protein and mineral were found to be significantly high in the selected mutant lines compared to their respective parent genotypes. Among the mutants, the increased morphogenetic traits were recorded in tall mutants (600 Gy), and the enhancement of yield characteristics noticed in multipod (800 Gy) and bold pod mutants (600 Gy). On the generalised distance in statistics. Hydrazine hydrate was an analytically pure preparation. DPL 62 and 0.3% HZ in the case of cv. The largest group with positive loading on PC1 is the yield, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0184598.g002, C = Control; H1 = 0.1%HZ; H2 = 0.2%HZ; H3 = 0.3%HZ; H4 = 0.4%HZ; G1 = 100Gy, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0184598.t005, (0.9811 and 0.9653) while the largest group with negative loading on PC1 is days to flowering, (-0.3377 and -0.2356), in cultivars DPL 62 and Pant L 406, respectively. The highest GCV was, recorded with H1 (cv. Drought tolerance in wheat: genetic variation and heritability for growth and ion, Najeeb S. Rather AG, Parray GA, Sheikh FA, and Razvi SM. The calculation on herita-, bility and genetic advance showed considerable variation for the number of pods per plant in, both the cultivars. (vii) Fertile “semi-dwarf “mutant. Erskine W, Rihawe S, Capper BS. Pant L 406. explained by the yield trait to confirm the possibility of selection on the basis of yield trait. Molecular tools for screening biodiversity. Physical and chemical mutagens are being used in genetic improvement programs on different plant species including pulses Laskar and Khan 2014;Reddy and Annadurai 1992;Verma et al.

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