Another blessing is that it comes pre-installed with the whole device because of which there’s no need to purchase it individually. No supplementary parts or components attached apart from the cartridge. "publisher": It can even handle moderate iron content and is relatively easy to install. "", Secure with clamp. You’ll be surprised to see the reduced amounts of iron the water as soon as you install the Morton Rust Remover device, making water healthier for consumption. Make sure the brinewell is secured and vertical. The extreme freezing temperature might lead to uncertain outcomes. It is capable of handling the water softening needs of a large family home with really hard water. "", Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30 at We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It uses what the manufacturer terms “Look Ahead” technology. Best Water Softener System – Tested & Reviewed! You have to set the present time, your water hardness level measured in gpg and the time when you want your softener to start regenerating – that’s it. The 8-hour power interruption protection, so the meter does not reset in a power outage. Premium 30,000 GRAIN WATER SOFTENER (Model M30) Ideal for medium to large households, 1-4 people, and high water hardness ratings. Keep a note in your mind that chlorine’s taste is something that you can’t eliminate. Install the overflow grommet and elbow on the. You can access a manual for Morton softener models M20, M27, M30, M34 and MC30 right here. Device’s installation might involve risk due to its touchy features. "@type": "Review", Uses the much more efficient Demand Initiated Regeneration. }, Written by: Gene Fitzgerald // Last Updated: Aug 14, 2020. Morton System Saver Water Softener M30 Review. The Morton M30 is a salt based water softener, designed to provide enough soft water to serve an average to large sized family home (1-5 people), and even small business premises. { Gene Fitzgerald has been with BOS since the very beginning. The Morton providing you the new version in the Water Softeners, i.e., Morton M30 Water Softener. And it can adjust to changes in water use in your home with its “Recharge Tonight / Recharge Now” button. Morton continues to make several types of salt to address different chemical compositions of hard water. Electronic “look-ahead” – this device can help in predicting the amount of water that is going to be used for the scheduling of the regeneration process. 64,000 grain capacity, fine mesh resin designed for high iron removal & long life. "name": "BOS", "@id": "", Some customers that decided to give it a try wished that they had just hired a plumber instead to do the setup for them. How is that possible? 3m Water Softener 3m Water Softener System Morton 34,000 Grain Water Softener Morton Water Softener Crystals Morton Salt Pellets For Water […] And lastly, the installation instructions could do with an upgrade. It’s important that you avoid direct sunlight and places with freezing temperatures. As well as the other Morton water softener, this model is designed as a whole house water softening system. It’s for medium to large households as well as small businesses with serious hard water problems to solve. { Move the system into its desired location. "description": "Are You Wondering if the Morton M30 30,000-Grain Water Softener Is Any Good? Coat the O-rings on the bypass valve with silicone grease. Just use the kit that Morton packages with the appliance, and follow the instructions. Although this device doesn’t provide a water filter yet, you can observe the lessen amount of iron in the water. These cookies do not store any personal information. "url": "", Minimum required pressure for this unit to operate: 20 psi. "", Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30 is another softener for the whole house. A plumber or person without professional expertise might face problems at installing the device (water softener) correctly. State of the art technology built in to save salt, water, and thus money, You can regenerate on demand when you need to. For one, some customers had issues with leaks. This makes it obvious to trust that the regeneration cycles will take place after every 3 gallons. She is head of content creation and has fully immersed herself into the home water treatment industry only to become an expert herself. This Morton M30 water softener is smaller in size as well capacity than the previous Morton model. Learn more about Gene and the rest of the BOS Team. The provided flow rate is 7 gpm, which is sufficient for households with up to 4 residents. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But to your surprise, it is just a matter of 11 GPM which you can expect when we talk about the water flow. Morton System Saver M30 – 30,000 Grain Water Softener Review. It is impossible not to talk about the size of the device; it is so practically designed that its portable size becomes one of its major attractions. Install the salt storage tank overflow hose by connecting the provided 3/8″ drain line to the tank’s overflow elbow. The Morton System Saver Water Softener is a boon to those nuclear families who have less water consumption. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. If you buy a product or service through such a link we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Secure with large holding clips (included). Find Our Honest REVIEW Here + Get the MOST VALUE for Your Money! bags per month at a cost of $6 to $8 a bag. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Regeneration does not happen because of a timer, but only when the resin beads are depleted. "name": "Gene Fitzgerald", ft. Fleck Water Softener Review – Should You Buy? },

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