The difference between entering tapped and being unable to block is huge in Limited, and it makes this a much more useful card. While Senate Guildmage may not have the raw power of some of the counterparts in the “hard to cast” cycle, this is still a 4-power flyer that has vigilance and an annoying protection ability. Like many of the other Rakdos cards, this also plays nicely with combat tricks since the opponent will probably want to block it. The cost goes up as you try and cast more of them, but having one will be excellent. It taps down big threats, but not 3-power flyers, and while it can end the game, 5 mana is a lot to pay for the second ability. Theater of Horrors is Rakdos’s take on Phyrexian Arena or Underworld Connections. It will be awkward when you topdeck this late in the game, but it’s so powerful early that I’m willing to take that risk. That’s a lot of stats to throw around, making this a very threatening card if you have any kind of board presence at all. Because of the steep cost, you can’t just throw Priest of Forgotten Gods in your deck, but it’s a potent engine when it works. Don’t believe us? The easiest is Bladebrand, as this is a two-card combo that wipes the opponent’s board. This Guildmage is passable, but not absurd. What happened to the B/G vigilance flyer? I like Sagittar’s Volley as a sideboard card. It also walks right past Spirit tokens, putting it in the ideal spot to try and get spectacle going. Technically it stops you from decking, but most of the time that isn’t particularly worth a card. This trades for 2/2s, forces spectacle through, and plays nicely with sacrifice effects. Then it turns into a removal spell that gives you a free attack and the benefit of the sacrifice outlet, which is quite powerful. The biggest risk with this is a Pacifism effect, as you lose the Battlement and all of its passengers. In a deck with 14+ creatures, this is a fine way to get some card selection in. Biogenic Upgrade is quite the finisher. If you need a good single target removal spell, look no further than Electrodominance. Most of the time you should cast this on your turn, with counterspells and combat tricks being the main reasons not to. Mtgranks provides Magic the Gathering set Ravnica Allegiance cards rated for the sealed and draft formats. If you’re able to build a deck around a symmetry-based card that breaks the symmetry, you can end up with very, very powerful effects. midcombat can lead to a nice 2-for-1. It kills any flyer you need to kill, and cleans up afterlife tokens too. Ghor-Clan Wrecker is mediocre in all modes, though the 3/3 version sounds better. Magic The Gathering, magic cards, singles, decks, card lists, deck ideas, wizard of the coast, all of the cards you need at great prices are available at Cardkingdom. A good-rate flyer that makes your other flyers better is an effect I’m always in for, and this is especially good because it slots well into both Azorius and Orzhov. It’s a potent on-board trick that really makes your best creatures better—it ensures they survive through most dangers. It is small enough to get picked off easily but I’m in for Sol Rings, even ones that cost 3 mana. due to the timing of the sacrifice, but this still pressures the opponent effectively. Not a ton, so it’s not a disaster if you have to run one, but definitely not exciting. The only thing that quenches my zeal a little is that both Azorius and Orzhov have some defensive aspects to them, which makes combat tricks a bit less appealing. It costs a lot of mana to steal a creature, and leaves the opponent with a permanent scry 1 each turn. These are the kinds of split cards I love, where a very situational side is propped up by a more reliable one, giving you a cool range of effects. You’ll always play this in Orzhov, but won’t take it over premium removal. In the current format, Kaya’s Wrath cast against Monowhite Aggro might kill a creature or two, but Hunted Witness replaces itself, Dauntless Bodyguard protects Benalish Marshal, and Adanto Vanguard saves itself. I suspect this isn’t a card you want to play, but some strange control decks may be able to make use of it. While this spell is quite expensive, it can be really difficult for some players to remove. In fall 2018, Guilds of Ravnica dropped five color combinations—Dimir, Selesnya, Golgari, Boros and Izzet—into Standard, and the next winter, Ravnica Allegiance provided the rest: Gruul, Azorius, Simic, Rakdos and Orzhov. I could see Nikya being an even bigger bomb, deckbuilding constraints and all. You get to justify it because it gets back a cheap creature, and sometimes Revenge It’s also too accurate that Disinformation Campaign trumps Information Campaign, but that is how the world works. Wheee. That, plus the need to spend mana each turn, makes me less high on this than some of the other Guildmages. Spawn of Mayhem is one of the most obviously pushed cards in the set. My starting position is that this card is not good. I’m not so thirsty for spectacle enablers that I’d play a 1/1 with bad abilities, and that’s exactly what this is. I agree I am a little tilted that a card with the name “Galloping” doesn’t have haste, but that’s a minor issue. If your opponent has insane creatures you can’t deal with and isn’t playing blue, maybe this is a sideboard card, but I’m not really going to be keeping an eye on this one. Plus, every now and then this will make combat tricks or removal hard for your opponent to cast, which is just gravy. Adding scry 1 to Kindled Fury isn’t bad since that card was already a playable trick. Prereleases are happening January 19th - 20th. Simic Ascendancy will dominate any long game, though you do need to get there for it to really be good. This card lives up to its name. The extra damage makes you feel less bad about spending so much mana, even if it doesn’t make this an exciting card. These herald the end of raze, I suppose, and the message gets across loud and clear. Additionally, Judith costs three mana, and with Gruesome Menagerie, can combo kill alongside some Goblins and Steam-Kin. It may start small, but it’s going to be a 4/4 at worst, and will easily be a 6/6 or 8/8 at various points. This card is really powerful, and good even in control decks. The next set for Magic: The Gathering is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to see what goodies it offers for Commander/EDH players. Plus, being cheapermatters, and a 1-mana spell of this power level is often going to be a huge blowout. Or is it? I’ve read this story, and it doesn’t end well. This will be a look at the best cards that have the biggest chance to impact multiple decks. I’m actually a little cooler on X-spells than most people because Limited is fast enough these days that they aren’t deal-10s, but Electrodominance gives you such a tempo boost that I’m into it. Where Act of Treason really shines (and gets a 3.0 rating) is in a deck with multiple ways to sacrifice creatures. Aeromunculus is rock-solid, and a welcome addition to any Simic deck. Neither mode on Rafter Demon is especially exciting, which makes this filler more than anything else. I call shenanigans. It’s never amazing, but cards like this do a great job of making sure you have enough playables. There’s nothing wrong with Growth Spiral, but it’s rarely going to be a critical part of your deck. The numbers don’t look impressive, but it’s a consistent source of pressure, and being able to sacrifice it for a four-turn boost is quite good. Being able to cast Ancestral Vision, Wheel of Fate, Restore Balance, and Living End from your hand while also shooting down a creature is pretty strong. gives you the ability to trade your worst creature for whatever is battling against this, and gives you a sacrifice outlet if you ever want to cash in an afterlife creature or trigger any other death ability.

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