I made mine with 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup sugar and they turned out very good. Another keeper recipe from Gina!!
Photo and recipe: Megan / With Salt and Wit, At around 100 calories, 6g of fat and 8g of sugar per cup, peanut butter cups aren’t exactly the healthiest choice when it comes to sweet treats. Thanks for the recipe… will be trying the bean brownies tomorrow and hoping for another success. . Melted chocolate chips and a few tablespoons of powdered peanut butter add decadent flavor that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Thank you so much for sharing..I LOVE IT!!! Looks amazing…and THANK YOU for always adding the old points number for us WW old schooler's will be sharing this on facebook. The 20-something girls I served them to this morning with coffee each took one to-go.

UHG especially all the vegan ones! I’ve been making these brownies for years and still can’t get over how great they are! I suspect most of these recipes came from trial and error…and I find the changes/substitutions/additions pretty helpful! I swapped the honey for some apple sauce and added Stevia, to make the around 3.5 points (green or blue) each. I used 2 whole eggs because I'm lazy, and regular homey because it's what I had. I loved them…of course I am a chocolate addict! Check out iHerb!

Gina if I use chocolate pb2 …do I still use cocoa powder? But my other brownie recipe called: Amazing Flourless Brownies are your nut-free answer. I guess I was hoping someone (namely you two) would R*A*N*T I love it and I love Gina and her recipes. Thanks for sharing these. I happened to have everything I needed to make these already sitting in my cabinets!

When I copied the recipe into MyFitnessPal, the calories came out to 244 a serving… I wonder why there is such a big discrepancy? Hi Gina! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. These were decidedly cakelike and I’m delighted with the calorie count!

No changes.

Is there anything I can adjust to make them come out the same? Very yummy! Made these yesterday for my grandkids (hah). Couldn’t stop eating them! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me and ask! You can also find PB2 at a discount through netrition. You would never believe there isn’t flour. It is actually about the same or less than the amount of sugar found in regular peanut butter. Instead of flour, these treats rely on powdered peanut butter and cocoa powder. More like a dark chocolate thin cake. Also instead of honey used 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup light brown sugar. The texture however is not brownie like, more like a chocolate cake, which is just fine! But not sweet enough…I assume because I used unsweetened cocoa powder, u were supposed to use sweetened? Any idea if this recipe would work if doubled? Loved these! Originally published December 2015. Thank you for helping me eat sinfully rich desserts without busting my low-calorie diet! Mar 4, 2013 - Explore Roxanne Harper's board "PB2 Recipes", followed by 809 people on Pinterest. I made these yesterday. 1 T of Mayo is an old time equivalent of 1 egg. AMAZINGGGG!!! Tastes more like choc cake and would love to Make another time. So easy to make but won’t go overboard eating them as they still contain 20g of sugar per serving. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. Excellent…made them last night…hard to believe they are flourless. Add a bit of Sriracha to the powdered peanut butter dressing to make it spicier or some lime juice for a bit of tang. When done, they pop right out and put them on a cooling rack before putting them away. First negative review ever, this site or otherwise. I had the same question, where are the black beans you were talking about? I only had an 8×8 pan and I cut them into 16 squares and they came out to 4sp per square. Adding peanut butter means the only dry ingredient would be the cocoa powder and I'm guessing they would never set up. It requires the perfect balance between flours, leaveners, fats, and liquids. I haven't tried, but I think it might work. https://www.ohmy-creative.com/recipe/powdered-peanut-butter-recipes Is this normal? I have made MANY recipes off this site and have loved every one. So when something actually works and turns out awesome, I’ll be honest, I’m often surprised! It still doesn't have a ton of sugar so I'm not going to sweat it…….:). Glad they were a hit! Photo and recipe: Erika / The Pancake Princess, RELATED: 10 Delicious Protein Pancakes Recipes, Sneak in some greens with this PB-riffic smoothie. I made these for the first time as I wanted something to use with my pb2. Can't wait to try these again! My 4 year old son loves them as well. Thanks for this "keeper" recipe!! Mrs. B, you might find that types of honey such as acacia is a lot milder and doesn't taste as distinctive as most other honeys, but I am sure you could use agave nectar or maple syrup instead . But the these Amazing Flourless Brownies are your nut-free answer.". These Brownies are to die for!! That’s probably why you came out with such a high number on the calorie count. So friggin’ good!! I couldn't find PB2 in grocery stores in my area. We LoVeD these! i added pecans for an extra crunch and it was perfect! Thanks! I bought my PB2 at Whole Foods. I’m going to try your version and the original for an event soon. Mine came out almost cake-like with a light crumb, not dense as I expected. I find that 25-28 minutes has them coming out more brownie-like and less cake-like, but it probably depends on the oven, so it takes some trial-and-error.

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