The restaurant's exterior was unpretentious and unassuming. Möchten Sie diese Frage wirklich löschen? They ended up charging us the full amount which was fine. Das Pujol bietet ein 6 Gang Menü für ca €100,- an. However, the experience was horrendous because of the lack...of care that the restaurant had with regards to safety. We savored dining at Pujol and Quintonil and the opportunity to be there. Do you prefer one vs the other? Tripadvisor verleiht Unterkünften, Attraktionen und Restaurants, die regelmäßig tolle Reisebewertungen erhalten und zu den Top 10 % der Unternehmen auf Tripadvisor zählen, einen Travellers' Choice Award. I was looking at this a few weeks ago as of 8/2017 it's M$1835,or about US$103 for their tasting menu before drinks. Jeder Gang...kommt in äußerst hoher Qualität, aber sehr klassisch, teilweise banal auf den Tisch. Highlight ist das Dessert im Garten des Restaurants. A doorman greeted me on the sidewalk. Go visit but do not expect a 3 Michelin star experience. We ate at Pujol for our first dinner in Mexico City. It was a magical night, and is expensive, it felt well worth the price for the care the they take with everything that is served.More, Overrated vegetarian tasting menu, not worth the hype. Thankfully, the staff at the restaurant next door to their old location are on the look-out for confused patrons trying to get to Pujol and will put you in the right direction and contact the restaurant to confirm you’re on the way. Mexico City is amazing because everything from street food to fine dining is delicious, but I'm so glad that we did not skip this experience. Überteuerte europäische Weine, ganz ordentliche einheimische Flaschen zu vernünftigen Preisen. At Pujol, the tasting menu didn’t leave me feeling so heavy, and I was in and out in exactly 2 hours. Insgeamt nach unserer Ansicht überbewertet und sicherlich nicht das beste Restaurant in D.F. The biggest difference was not in the food quality or service (both were world class), but in the size of the restaurants. Pujol has been open since 2000. The pairings are additional. Gut gebratene Seebrasse in guter roter Sauce. Bereits im Wartebereich fiel uns die extrem laute Geräuschkulisse auf, was sich drinnen bestätigte. Adequate safety measures from the personnel. If the owner of the restaurant is reading this, you should feel ashamed of yourself and for putting your customers at risk. We paired the menu with a couple of Torres Alegre Zinfandel 2013 which matched...perfectly, especially at the end with the ancestral mole. Deshalb ist es sehr hektisch die Teller werden beim letzten Bissen schon abgeräumt und dann soll man so bald wie möglich gehen damit die nächsten Gäste...die schon draussen warten den Tisch bekommen könnenMehr, Wenn man das "Pujol" erst einmal gefunden hat, kan man sich in den bequemen Stühlen sofort entspannen und bereits die Auswahl der Speisen genießen. Menú FIN DE SEMANA 18 €. If you want more fine dining options, check out Sud777, Nicos, Biko, Rosetta, and Maximo Bistrot. Then the tasting part of the adventure began! Course 2: Octopus, habanero ink, ayocote, vercruzana sauce. I’m a little embarrassed to share about this fiasco of a meal but all I can do is accept that it happened and hope I get another opportunity to dine at Quintonil again! Soursop rocks with caramelized white chocolate and pink peppercorn. desserts. Es fehlt ein klares Konzept einer Getränkebegleitung, oder wird dieses auch auf Nachfrage nur mangelhaft kommuniziert. Hopefully I’ll get to try it one day! Überteuerte europäische Weine, ganz ordentliche einheimische Flaschen zu vernünftigen Preisen. To be honest I was hopping a lot more for the most trendy gastronomical restaurant in Mexico City. Find him on Instagram and Twitter. I could see how that could be. The drink and wine menu was extensive, but I kept it simple, ordering a mojito. Einige Gänge sind hervorragend bei anderen stimmt sowohl die Harmonie der Zutaten als auch der Gargrad nicht (Fisch). Wir haben Menü gegessen. I liked that the restaurant was bright and open. Go Backpacking uses and recommends: Dave is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Go Backpacking and Feastio. Feeling awful, I ate at most three small bites of each dish. Jedes Gericht entsprach den Erwartungen - aber auch nicht mehr. Thankfully, we had a whole weekend of eating to go! Since it was the first dinner of our trip and we had watched the Chef’s Table episode again right before the trip, we were low-key thrilled about our impending experience. Das sehr spannende Menü hält dann doch nicht, was es verspricht. I ended up apologizing to the hostess before we left, explaining that I was sick and leaving full plates of food had nothing to do with the food or service. stretch . Of all restaurants in the world you can probably afford to take a slight hit for the safety of others. The wait staff worked harmoniously together throughout the two-hour lunch, and most (if not all) were bilingual. $106 sounds very reasonable for such a meal. Please see my Quintonil review, which will help explain this review of Pujol. Der Service ist sehr zuvorkommend und rundet den Besuch ab. We were both feeling terrible but wanted to dine at Quintonil and knew there would be fees if we canceled our reservation. Both lunches cost $100 USD. Es empfiehlt sich eine rechtzeitige Reservierung. That wasn’t the point. I could barely move afterwards, and lunch lasted 3 hours. We popped some stomach pills, hydrated, tried to sleep more, and laid in our hotel room until our check-out at noon. If you can have one meal while in Mexico City go to Quintonil, if you can have two; then by all means go to Pujol as well. mehr. I was looking at this a few weeks ago as of 8/2017 it's M$1835,or about US$103 for their tasting menu before drinks. That morning, we both woke up around 4 or 5 am with food poisoning. They take their previous day’s mole and add to it, so day by day, the mole madre is getting older. Pujol’s reservations are available about six or seven months in advance (I made ours almost four months in advance) and Quintonil’s reservations are available 60 days prior. The food is definitely different to your traditional Méxican fare . It was hard to see all the enticing dishes and only being able to pick one. Usually the one that is in second place...try's harder....and jumps into first place! They’ve been trying to get Uber to fix it but it’s not happening. Of course, the octopus was cooked perfectly! It can’t have been in Mexican pesos, right…? It really is unethical for such a highly regarded and expensive restaurant. Find restaurant reviews, menu, prices, and hours of operation for Can Pujol on TheFork. If you are a potential client, I would be aware of this especially if you are in a high risk group and at the minimum ask for a seat outside or in the corner near the entrance / exit. Hi, I'm Dave and I've been backpacking for 20+ years. Bei der Bestimmung dieser Bestenliste wird die Entfernung der Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten zum betreffenden Standort gegen die Bewertungen unserer Mitglieder zu diesen Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten aufgerechnet. We didn’t sign up to pay $150+ just to complain and get an extra dish - we were there to enjoy the experience.

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