If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. The molten material is then processed into different types of glassware. Additionally, borosilicate tubing is used as the feedstock for the production of parenteral drug packaging, such as vials and pre-filled syringes, as well as ampoules and dental cartridges. First, a large batch of molten glass composition is made. Typical glass processing machines blow, press, draw, and roll it into various shapes. Organic light-emitting diode (for display and lighting purposes) also uses borosilicate glass (BK7). Vitrification is a particularly attractive immobilization route because of the high chemical durability of the vitrified glass product. Borosilicate microscope lenses and microscope slides allow scientists to analyze tiny organisms right under their nose and astronomers use it in telescopes that bring far off galaxies much closer to home. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. Most premanufactured glass guitar slides are also made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate is commonly used in the glassblowing form of lampworking and the artists create a range of products such as jewelry, kitchenware, sculpture, as well as for artistic glass smoking pipes. The differences between Pyrex products depending on manufacturer has also led to safety issues—in 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received several complaints by users reporting that their Pyrex glassware had shattered at high temperatures. Applications and uses of pyrex (borosilicate) glass. Physical characteristics are checked to make sure they adhere to previously determined specifications. Due to its optical and mechanical characteristics in relation with cost, BK7 is a common substrate in OLEDs. Many scientific lenses require a glass that remains both clear and strong when exposed to heat. Glass blowing is used to create thin-walled products like bottles. These devices are also called regenerators because they help recover and recycle heat energy consumed during manufacture. Borosilicate glass is thin and durable, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Applications include veterinary tracking devices, neurostimulators for the treatment of epilepsy, implantable drug pumps, cochlear implants, and physiological sensor. Waste-disposal drains are monitored to ensure that only allowable amounts of factory waste are released into the environment. Home — Essay Samples — Business — Commerce — The manufacturing process of pyrex glass. While it transitions to a liquid starting at 288 °C (550 °F) (just before it turns red-hot), it is not workable until it reaches over 538 °C (1,000 °F). In this process molten glass is drawn down over a hollow cone called a mandrel. Forming: The batch tanks are designed so that the molten glass will flow slowly toward the working end of the tank. Some are summarized below: Health and Science: Virtually all modern laboratory glassware is made of borosilicate glass. They are stored in batch towers. A low coefficient of expansion, which is only about one-third of soda-lime glass materials, ensures excellent thermal shock resistance. Thus, Pyrex glass is often the material of choice for reflective optics in astronomy applications. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Prior to use, the raw materials are pulverized and granulated to a uniform particle size. 2020 © gradesfixer.com. The maximal working temperature is 268 °C (514 °F). By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. Aquarium heaters are sometimes made of borosilicate glass. Due to its high heat resistance, it can tolerate the significant temperature difference between the water and the nichrome heating element. we can write an original essay just for you. The modern studio glass movement has responded to color. Older clear-glass Pyrex manufactured by Corning, Arc International's Pyrex products, and Pyrex laboratory glassware are made of borosilicate glass. The materials are mixed together and heated to temperatures over 2,912°F (1,600°C). Borosilicate glasses also have an application in the semiconductor industry in the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), as part of stacks of etched silicon wafers bonded to the etched borosilicate glass. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. Ordinary lower-cost borosilicate glass, like that used to make kitchenware and even reflecting telescope mirrors, cannot be used for high-quality lenses because of the striations and inclusions common to lower grades of this type of glass. The glass product is then checked for imperfections, put in protective boxes and shipped out to customers. This helps prevent water pollution. Pyrex is also a material of choice for evacuated-tube solar thermal technology, because of its high strength and heat resistance.

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