The first Stratocasters had almost always a body composed by two or three pieces of ash of the species Fraxinus Americana, often named Northern White Ash, but some of them had sometimes a body composed by only one piece. They have made them in various depths and current Strats are … chat: A general idea as to the Bass, Mids and Treble. I notice on the black leads to the pot, there are two blobs of solder. Instead, it makes a Fender Bridge sound more like a Humbucker. Around 1997 some circular holes began to appear in the neck pocket and below the pickguard. You can use our Blender Pot to achieve this. ). Stratocaster (Hardtail) Guitar Routing Templates, Wanting to mod your Strat with an alternative control plate design? In our previous article, we discussed the Half Bender Modification. Your email address will not be published. If you wanted a different tone layout, you could simply reverse the way the 5-Way Switch wiring to get a Neck & Middle Tone and a separate Bridge Tone: This variation allows you to keep the standard functionality of a Fender Strat while experimenting with different tone values for your Bridge Tone. For example, 44.5 mm wide nut can have e1 to E6 distance between 35 and 37.5 mm. - you can choose between bright and mellow sounding electric strings. Full depth control route is a good thing. Important for good playability is balanced interaction of these components. Red (candy apple red). Your email address will not be published. For example, for building a solid-body ‘jazz-sounding’ guitar you have to choose (top down by importance): Neck thickness, neck width, neck contour and fret wire size affect playability and are a matter of personal taste. Because of this, we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to make installation a breeze: If you’ve ever wired a Strat yourself, you might understand the frustration of getting all wires to sit neatly in your control cavity. duncan triple shot) or by 5-Way Blade Megaswitch. The neck pocket template has a universal rout to fit either a P90, humbucker, or similarly sized pickup in the bridge position. It can help you to build a guitar with specific sound and playability characteristics. (german) - Hambucker Conductor/Coils switching options. To start, we’re going to discuss the standard Stratocaster wiring that comes on most modern Fender Strats: This Standard Stratocaster Wiring Diagram features a Neck tone (0.02mfd) and a Bridge & Middle tone (0.02mfd). Router +pool route = HHH.. half way there... youll just need a wig..., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The body of the vintage Stratocaster had single route for each pickup. Big holes can be retrofited by adapter bushings. I have them here. I hope you found this article helpful, and as always, let us know what you think below! He's powered by Jazz Guitar, Vietnamese Food, Hiking, and Beer. - good jazz and blues strings. I’ve never had a need for tone control pots, so I took both out of my Strat. The neck, middle and bridge pickup routes are shown here. For this, we recommend going to a local luthier or tech. Instead Tailpiece - there may be “strings through the body” drillings. - graphical examples for body and neck woods showing relationship between wood hardness, its density and tone. - comparison of tone capacitor material types and capacitance values. I have them, Custom Stainless Steel Fret Slotting Templates, Pickup Cavity Depth: 5/8" (3/4" for some aftermarket pickups). Note that if a humbucker is used in the bridge position of a T-style body, either a humbucker bridge (e.g., Gotoh) or a hardtail bridge is required. This route allows for any combination of single coil or humbucker pickups in conjunction with a pickguard on the S-style body. Please read licence and the contribution guidelines before contributing. First pos-Neck, 2nd pos-Neck/Mid, 3rd pos-Mid/half HB, 4th pos-Half HB, 5th pos, full HB? Given that on the American Standard there were only one hole in the body and one in the neck pocket, in addition to those for the 2-point bridge, it is easy to distinguish it from other non-U.S.A. Stratocasters. After a couple of passes you can remove the template and lower the bit and bearing into the cavity. This set of templates includes a body template, neck pocket template, neck template with vintage 60’s headstock, and pickguard template. This cap doesn’t act like a normal tone cap. From neck to bridge, my p/u config is S/S/H. If you were to add jumpers between parts, you’d be creating a “Ground Loop” and introducing noise into your circuit. With the Blender Pot modification, you sacrifice having two independent Tone Pots, and opt for a Master Tone instead. Standard Strat wiring from Fender has NO tone control for the bridge pickup. Richmond VA 23227 | (804) 358-2699 | Depth: main pocket: 0.75″, screw pockets 1.25″ HSH – Humbucker in Neck and Bridge, Single Coil in Middle; This is the S-style pickup route for two humbuckers with a single coil pickup in the middle position, loaded into a pickguard. - also bright vs mellow overview, and tension guide (pdf) ",'s a full thickness body with full depth control route.....and routed HSS. The following bass pickup routing options are available: These are the classic P-style pickup routes. I have no use for a tone! Our most popular Strat models are our Clean & Clear Vintage Hot and our Thick & Dirty Blues Specials – they simply sound like a Strat should. Unfortunately in the '80s it was frequent to find, under the “solid” colors, but also in some sunbursts (those with the entirely black back contour), a body composed by multiple pieces of wood hidden by a veneer top and back. Some other effects cannot be described using this model, but their influence is less important”. The electronic route in the first Stratocasters didn’t have the typical “shoulder” which appeared in mid-1959 to accommodate the attachment screw used in the new eleven holes pickguards. Body routes on a 1957 Stratocaster: note the worm route in the bridge pickup cavity, Control cavity route in a 1960 Stratocaster: note the "sholuder" to accomodate the added attachment screw. The Lindy Fralin Baseplate is a Steel Plate that installs beneath your Bridge pickup. (lake placid blue) and C.A.R. However, that needs power to operate, and that’s its biggest drawback. Due to the routing of the Stratocaster Body, you might only have a narrow channel to lay your wires. The Shielding on the back of the pickguard is connecting everything. This is the S-style pickup route for two humbuckers with a single coil pickup in the middle position, loaded into a pickguard. Also, I never use the mid p/u by itself–don’t like the hollow sound. At first their edges were particularly rounded, but in the late 1960s they became more squared and, since 1970, slightly bigger. They can be identified also because the pivots of the bridge entered the wood, differently from those with the “Corona contour” in which they passed through a metal ferrule. - many neck shape and thickness combinations If anybody would know it would be y’all. When removed, these nails leave our small holes free of paint (from Fender Factory Tour, Forrest White), Around the end of 1962, with the purpose of handling the body more easily during painting and drying operations, Fender started to use a, Fender emlpoyee painted a Stratocaster's body with the paintstick, Neck poket of a 1960 Strat completely painted, Bi-colored neck pocket of a 1964 Stratocaster (ReCaster), During the milling of the body to dig the routes of pickups, electronics, etc ..., Fender used to fix a template as a guide for wood removal, which, once removed, left small holes filled with small wooden dowels of 0.125 inch (3.175 mm) diameter. Tyler Delsack is the Manager of Fralin Pickups and spends his time editing and maintaining the website, designing graphics and ads, and making pickups. Debuting in 1954, it was a natural evolution to the Telecaster. Fender satisfied him and changed the templates on which the AB Shaper worked, both for the signature and for the American Standard Series and the other models.​. Thicker neck often creates warmer tone. Standard Fender heel mounting is done with 4-Bolt Holes - 1/8" (3mm) diameter (spread of 2" x 1-1/2").

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