but in all honesty, great work. A 6/6 deathtouch for 5 mana is qualified as a “fatty”. It stretches the mana into needing early green, which I’ve accounted for in my build. The answer is no. More than other cards, The Gitrog Monster, has to be evaluated in its whole. 395 Favourites. He is affectionately called upon me as the Compost Frog! But, if we discard a land, The Gitrog Monster triggers. Only the arguably most broken keyword ever written: Dredge which is a Golgari trick(how fitting!). “At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice The Gitrog Monster unless you sacrifice a land.” During each upkeep, the monster asks for its tribute. The idea is to loop Salvage until you hit your Titan of choice + 1 land in your library, make infinite mana using a Ritual or Lotus Petal, and then kill the table. However the boon from the dark depths(not Marit Lage Style) is that each time you send a land to the graveyard you get to draw 1 card. Geez you just put the camera in his eyeball and oh -walks away- he ate you. Here’s how… Dakmor Salvage + Seismic Assault + The Gitrog Monster. The poor protagonist is the odd one out as her father left her in relative luxury off the back of his monster-eradicating efforts. The way you pick just the right amount of sharp luminescent highlight for each piece... Is that instinctive? Great art too! The deck is great at achieving delirium, which makes a few copies of Traverse a nice touch. The Gitrog Monster allowing us to play our second land of the turn is not the same as the one we control now, but this does not count. Thus, we cannot play a further “additional land”. We decide whether to sacrifice a land or not and which land when the ability resolves. All sorts of EDH enthusiasts immediately commenced brewing upon the reveal of the card as it had both a fresh build-around theme and a high competitive potential. Self-Mill Mill Land Destruction Pod. With the ability on the stack we can, for instance, sacrifice a. I’ve been really into Eldrazi Tron lately, and I think that Molten Rain is the best card against that strategy. Rules allow us to respond to the triggered ability and some priority exchanges happen: Let’s have a closer look at them: TL;DR: Essentially, we leave the loop once we have 7 or less cards in hand. No life loss, no tricky adding to hand shenanigans, no tie to creature power, and this card is not named Harmonize?! The biggest problem with the deck is the mana, which is to be expected when you are trying to jam 4 copies of a card that costs RRR into a G/B deck! 2 The Gitrog Monster. They can cast instant spells and/or activate abilities after the active player discarded but before he/she draws. His proudest accomplishment in MTG is that he is the creator of the Danger Room/Battle Box Limited format. What if instead we control The Gitrog Monster, play two lands, play a second The Gitrog Monster and sacrifice the first one? 8K Views. A planeswalker is great with delirium and Tarmogoyf. And cycle lands? Gitrog is usually played in one of two ways: Midrange with a game plan of accumulating value through stuff like [[Crucible of Worlds]] and [[Strip Mine]] + [[Wasteland]] opponent's lands, recurring [[Worm Harvest]] or even something like [[Constant Mists]]. Not an immediate, sure, kill… But still very card advantageous. Just feed him lands and your opponents and you will be fine. The subreddit for anything concerning the Magic the Gathering: Arena! ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. We must ask ourselves if they are doing it all together, as a consequence of a single event, or as a consequence of more events. The Kraken is a giant, monstrous squid (or octopus by some accounts) who was able to wrap its tentacles around a ship’s hull and capsize it; the unfortunate souls would then drown or be eaten by the beast. A commander unlike no other. At the same time — unlike other combo decks — all the cards are good, and synergistic with each other even when you don’t assemble an instant kill. The uniqueness of the card, the twisted nature art, the mana/drawing shenanigans, the inclusion of black, the sickeningly awesome art, the little lore story, etc. But going that direction could run you out of lands pretty quickly—unless you have a Groundskeeper taking care of things for you. Just suit him up with +1 poser or First Strike+Trample(cuz assigning one damage for lethal and sending the rest straight to their face is delicious. Good, I wanted to see if you were paying attention. The story "Sacrifice" by Michael Yichao is the only lore reference we have for the Gitrog Monster.Based on the information in that excellent tale, here are ways to integrate the Gitrog into your campaign, or build a one-shot adventure around it: Similar to letting the whole body fester so one can snack upon the choicest carrion. While in a draft we usually do not want to commit early to two colors, no one will blame us if we chose Sigarda, Olivia or The Gitrog Monster as a first pick. Which reminds me of the tidbit of his story back in Shadows over Innistrad. It’s also worth noting that with Fatal Push having become the removal spell of choice in Modern, the Gitrog Monster is immune. Logistics: this is the funnest commander I have ever used yet. I will say that if Seismic Assault had a mana cost of 1RG, a deck like this could probably crack tier 1. So now you can make the frog tribal deck of your dreams. We choose one of them and sacrifice all the others because it’s legendary! Now enough of this! It's a frog that draws cards but isn't blue? Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. But despite the villagers' pleas, the church of Avacyn has sent no cathar or angel to protect them. The one resident in a lonely village sharpening her weapon and with clearly inhuman eyes she greets the courier responding to the letter she sent her father months ago beseeching him. Awesome! Taken aback by the haunted offerings to their proper sea beast she tried to fight off the cult in vain. Chub toad lives. Gitrog Monster with a Seismic Assault on the field is a huge game. This is what we should keep in mind: You can do this over and over (assuming you don’t run out of library) making 20 from a Seismic Assault on turn five require a trivial amount of materiel. how long takes you to make something like this and what program do you use? These objects will resolve. She invites him to stay the night. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. The synergy is disgustingly efficient and I mean pun on disgusting as this frog likes to trash way more than he needs to just to grab the choice card. In Black/Green? Rinse and repeat, GG. The historical “combo” of these kinds of decks… Great generally, usually sure to win a long game, flexible, and of course advantageous. What? You may play an additional land on each of your turns. Shadows over Innistrad is not particularly dedicated to multicolor, but it includes a bunch of bicolor cards of great power. The Gitrog Monster plus Molten Vortex was the one pitched to me, and that one sounds great, since you draw a card for every land you pitch to Molten Vortex. In constructed, we will soon see these new cards in action. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Some dredge hate is a must. The deck is already dredging Loam to quickly fill the graveyard, which makes these creatures pretty solid. Stu is always brewing up something sweet that is off the beaten path, and he tends to end up with a lot of really cool ideas. Come and join the sacrifice my brave peons as the Gitrog Monster knows no more mercy. Gitrog is a piece of a very powerful 3-card combo involving [[Dakmor Salvage]] and a discard outlet. Left unchecked, he would have slaughtered his way through the multitude of planes. But the addition of The Gitrog Monster and a clean combo finish sparked my interest. We discard the extra card(s). “At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice The Gitrog Monster unless you sacrifice a land.”. Poll. During each upkeep, the monster asks for its tribute. It’s one of the most powerful and abusive cards in Modern. Seeing the synergy yet? But unlike Golgari legends striving to recurse and growback the Gitrog Monster manages to draw cards? We usually discard extra cards and players do not receive priority. Cute — maybe even very “good” — that you can use Liliana, discard a land, and draw a card while the opponent only discards. Nothing new here. I’ve also been trying out Molten Rain as a sideboard card. 1831 decks (0.437%) Rank #45. Liliana of the Veil might be key if Bogles makes a Modern comeback. This configuration may be superior to previous versions of Assault-Loam because The Gitrog Monster allows you to win outright, instead of just grinding it out with card economy and a large positional advantage.

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