Getting the Black Hood Legendary Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins is a bit more serious job as you will need to be on level 38 minimum and you will have to complete the Phylake’s Prey Quest. The bad news is the two of them often patrol the same place side by side as there is some overlap in where they walk. You can help the Assassin's Creed Wiki by uploading better images on this page. Dive into the water to find the sunken chest, which, with the for Ornamented Keys you’ll be able to open and retrieve your prize for besting the Phylakes, the Black Hood legendary outfit. Because of this, he is very hard to sneak up on for an opening stealth kill, and you would probably be best aiming for a head shot with your strongest bow. He will ride around in a war chariot on the northern roads of Im-Khent Nome. As usual, Overpower attacks do great damage to a Phylakes (left), but failing that, charged heavy attacks work fine (right). Wait for him to get off of his horse, and sneak behind him to perform a stealth attack. Interact with it to get a legendary outfit, your reward for completing this beast of a quest. when I was trying to kill the iron ram I got him a little bit of health and then got killed by an arrow. Why not join us today? He frequently camps with a large group of other soldiers. Half Horn: Level 38. First off, you want to start each fight with a stealth attack. After this quest, the Phylakes will be added to the map, and despite the quest’s Suggested Level, much of it can be completed as you explore Egypt, as the Phylakes range in between level twenty and fourty. Alternatively, at night he stops at the Dionysias Caravanserai. He tends to be in the northwestern portion of the map, patrolling along the roads up in this corner of the map. So, then, some general tips are in order, as there’s a good chance you won’t be fighting Phylakes in any easily guideable sort of way, althoug their levels and locations roughly match the flow of the main quests. The Charge Heavy Attack ability is very, very helpful against Phylakes, especially when paired with an "Instant Charging" weapon, like Storm Blades. He wanders around a lot of the region, but will pass through Taus. These are two of the most difficult enemies in the game, and unless you're a masochist there is no reason to fight them side by side. Overpower attacks are invaluable. Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers. He will ride a war chariot around, but frequently dismounts to just sort of look around. For me, The Stranger dropped an Ornamented Key. He’ll come to battle with a large shield and a sickle sword, which means the tried and true charged heavy attack will likely be sufficient to cut him down with enough repetition. A sneak attack to start out any encounter with a Phylakes is always a good idea (left). Alternatively, if you have a sickle sword equipped, you can use your overpower attack to enter a trance like state. You can wait for him to dismount, or run behind him and pull him off his chariot. She wants you to exterminate the crocodiles that infested the adjacent island, which is probably just about the worst kind of infestation you can imagine. He uses dual swords, and he can be kind of a pain to hit. If you start running low on health, you can retreat and come back if needed. Sickle swords really are the best for this here, as they are quick and, more importantly, allow you to enter a trance state when you use your overpower attack. He drives a war chariot and wields a tower shield with a sword, making him hard to sneak up on and even harder to get some good melee hits on. He is typically all by himself, although there are a lot of other soldiers that he can pass pay while he is patrolling. Assassin's Creed Origins - Player Support. The first Phylake will give you a contract and the four key carrying Phylakes all together will give you Ornamental keys which lead you to a fishing village in Herakleion Nome. A Phylakes is a strong enough foe without having to worry about more enemies showing up to complicate matters. This quest will begin after you complete “ Gennadios the Phylakitai “, which will be one of the main quests once you reach Alexandria. His patrol takes him around the north end of the city. Smoke and Mirrors is the Legendary Predator bow with 3/4 Stealth Damage, 2/4 Critical Hit Rate, and shoots arrows on fire. This will power through his shield, and you may finish him in a single combo if you wait until you're level 40. It is also likely going to be the last quest you complete, as you will have to deal with multiple level 40 enemies that have a ton of health and can do a lot of damage. He doesn't change throughout the course of the fight, so as long as you can dodge some slow axe attacks you should wear him down in no time. 48 BCEIneb-Hedjet Nome, Ptolemaic Kingdom Assassin's Creed Origins: Official Game Guide,

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