Designed to simplify your employment search, you will find a variety of employment opportunities at your fingertips. (State Jobs) Career Service GuideBenefits, Application & Selection Process, How to Locate Positions, Unemployment CompensationUnemployment insurance provides temporary wage replacement benefits to qualified individuals who are out of work through no fault of their ownEmployer Information | Unemployment Tax FormsQuarterly Report Forms, New Hire Reporting, Tax & Rate Info, Incentive ProgramsJob Seekers — Information if you are unemployed | Claims (Online)Claims Info. of Labor), Population Data for Florida (Cities, Counties, etc. Many additional public sector or government job opportunities may be available in your city, county, or community college or university, as well as public schools (also see direct educator employment links below). are registered servicemarks in the State of Florida. You may want to review the business sections of Florida newspapers for information on hot companies...or contact a particular company's personnel office (and look for their website to learn more about what the company does) to see if there are opportunities in your area. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern time, KISSIMMEE-FDC-SECRETARY-SPECIALIST-FC-70003735-CENTRAL-FLORIDA-RECEPTION-CENTER-FL-34744, MARIANNA-HUMAN-SERVICES-WORKER-II-FC-67070066-FL-32446, CHATTAHOOCHEE-SENIOR-RESIDENTIAL-UNIT-SPECIALIST-FC-67053675-APDDDDP-PATHWAYS-FL-32324, CHIPLEY-FDC-WELLNESS-EDUCATION-SPECIALIST-I-FC-70046686-NORTH-WEST-FLORIDA-RECEPTION-CENTER-FL-32428, TAMPA-EQUIPMENT-OPERATOR-55003351-FL-33619, CARRABELLE-FDC-Plumber-70039230-Franklin-CI-FL-32322, GAINESVILLE-SR-PUBLIC-HEALTH-NUTRITIONIST-SUPERVISOR-64006284-FL-32641, TALLAHASSEE-DOEVR-OPS-ACCOUNTANT-I-TALLAHASSEE-48006151-FL-32399, Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics, TALLAHASSEE-SENIOR-DATA-BASE-ANALYST-48000903-FL-32399, LIVE-OAK-LAW-ENFORCEMENT-OFFICER-42005158-FL-32060, TALLAHASSEE-DATA-PROCESSING-MANAGER-SES-71000200-FL-32308, PUNTA-GORDA-FDC-VOCATIONAL-INSTRUCTOR-III-FC-%28Engineering-Technician-IV-WWTP%29-70023049-CHARLOTTE-CI-FL-33955, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, SAINT-PETERSBURG-OPS-Purchasing-Specialist-77907611-FL-33701, OCALA-OPS-INTERVIEWING-CLERK-64942296-FL-34478, TALLAHASSEE-RESEARCH-&-TRAINING-SPECIALIST-71000799-FL-32308, FORT-PIERCE-STATE-ATTORNEY'S-OFFICE%2C-19TH-CIRCUIT-SECRETARY-III-21014244-FL-34950, TALLAHASSEE-REGULATORY-CONSULTANT-DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-FDC-PERSONNEL-TECHNICIAN-III-SES-70005639-CENTRAL-OFFICE-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-ADMINISTRATIVE-ASSISTANT-III-DBPR-DSO-OPEN-COMPETITIVE-FL-32399, TALLAHASSEE-REGULATORY-SPECIALIST-II-DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL-FL-32399, SAINT-PETERSBURG-JUVENILE-PROBATION-OFFICER-80081611-FL-33712, TALLAHASSEE-BUSINESS-INTELLIGENCE-ANALYST-72003932-FL-32399, TAMPA-272283-LVER-EMPLOYMENT-SECURITY-REP-II-40044137-1-FL-33612, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, FDC-SECRETARY SPECIALIST - F/C - 70003735 CENTRAL FLORIDA RECEPTION CENTER, SENIOR RESIDENTIAL UNIT SPECIALIST - F/C - 67053675 APD/DDDP, FDC-WELLNESS EDUCATION SPECIALIST I F/C-70046686- NORTH WEST FLORIDA RECEPTION CENTER, SR PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITIONIST SUPERVISOR - 64006284, DOE/VR - OPS ACCOUNTANT I - TALLAHASSEE - 48006151, DATA PROCESSING MANAGER - SES - 71000200, FDC-VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTOR III - F/C (Engineering Technician IV WWTP) 70023049-CHARLOTTE CI, RESEARCH & TRAINING SPECIALIST - 71000799, STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, 19TH CIRCUIT-SECRETARY III - 21014244, REGULATORY CONSULTANT - DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL, FDC-PERSONNEL TECHNICIAN III-SES 70005639-CENTRAL OFFICE, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III - DBPR-DSO-OPEN COMPETITIVE, REGULATORY SPECIALIST II -DBPR-DSO-INTERNAL, 272283 LVER EMPLOYMENT SECURITY REP II - 40044137 1. gary leroy clements says: June 29, 2020 at 5:54 pm OSHA — Occupational Safety & Health AdministrationPrivate sector workplace safety issues (U.S. Dept.

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